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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Love | My Brooch Bouquet

Happy Galentine's Day!!

My late posting for the 'Love' prompt of 40GNAI means I get to post it on a very important day in my calendar! To all the wonderful, clever, beautiful, strong, talented, funny, kind and generous women I call friends - I LOVE YOU!

Onto the prompt! I'm not typically your kind of love hearts and pink kind of girl and I wanted to do some nails that were special to me, and inspired by a wonderful item that really makes me feel all squishy inside. That item is the brooch bouquet I made for my wedding!

My nails for today are inspired by various elements of my bouquet - particularly the lace motif wrapped around the handle, and two very special antique brooches from my Nanna <3. I had a pretty colourful wedding - I wore sparkly blue shoes and my bridesmaids all wore different colours (red, green and purple) so I incorporated all those colours into my bouquet.

There are several brooches and buttons in the bouquet that my Nanna and Great Aunt gave to me to include, but my favourites were absolutely the sweet dragonfly you can see front and centre in the image above, and a very special gold and sapphire heirloom pin that belonged to my Great-Grandma - you can see that in detail down below.

My bouquet represents love to me in so many ways - the obvious part being that it exists solely for the purpose of being used on a day where I got to publicly declare my love for my amazing partner Dave, but it's so much more than just that!

It reminds me of my family and friends (Dave included) who helped me hand make just about every item for that day - we made bouquets, decorations, gifts... and somehow stayed sane while the days flew by!

It reminds me that love isn't just about the romantic kind of love, but about the deep bonds we form with all the special people in our lives.

Isn't it beautiful??!!

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