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You Can't Have This - Glam Polish Wild at Heart duo

You guys, I have a problem. It's 2016 and I still have polish I purchased in 2014 sitting in my untried drawer. I know, some of you probably have much older untrieds, but my drawer once again runneth over and I don't buy all this polish to have it sit unloved!

So I'm making every effort to dig out all the really awesome stuff - the limited editions, the custom/sample polishes, the subscription box and collaboration shades that I just HAD TO HAVE RIGHT NOW because otherwise it would be gone forever - and swatching them once and for all.

Then I'm gonna blog about them. #sorrynotsorry pals, welcome to my new intermittent series -You Can't Have This.


This duo was released at the beginning of 2015 as an exclusive for Mei Mei's Signatures - only 35 sets were made! This was right as Glam Polish were beginning to explode in popularity so I'm surprised I was able to get them so easily. The duo consists of a deep purple and a forest green in the usual super opaque glitter/holo/flakie mishmash that Glam specialise in.

Dreamcatcher is a rich and regal purple with sparkle for days. I needed a good thick top coat as it was a thirsty sucker, but it was totally opaque in two coats. It's like a beautiful galaxy on my nails and I adore it.

Into the Wild is a forest green, leaning heavily toward tropical rainforest richness. Same formula as Dreamcatcher but dried down smoother. I was bound to love this one because, duh, green.

These were actually the last Glam Polish I purchased! I hadn't previously bought many as they were doing a lot of polish that was heavy on the holo and I was an obsessive glitter jelly girl, then once they switched to charging USD it left a sour taste in my mouth given the terrible Aussie exchange rate.

Regardless of my thoughts on that matter these are still pretty fabulous and I'm glad I own them! 

What do you think? Would you hunt these down in a destash, or settle for something similar?

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