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Themed Thursday - Penguin

Hi lovelies!

I've put on my freehand boots and whipped out the acrylic paint to do some winter nail art for Themed Thursday, an Instagram challenge hosted by @wondrouslypolished and @kellimarissa. Today our prompt was penguins and my nail art was inspired by this print of Gunter from Adventure Time, because any excuse to do Adventure Time nail art, right?

I was not foolish enough to think I could pull this off over four whole nails, so the traditional accent nail of Gunter it was. I started with one coat of Pretty Serious Presence, then top coated before getting in with the acrylic paint. I never use acrylic paint for nail art (I'm an obstinate idiot) but fine line work just does not happen with polish in the middle of summer in a house with no air con. I finished it off with some matte top coat so the detail didn't get lost on glare.

I figured I'd try and make the rest of my nails kind of icy, but as pretty as Grace-full Magic! is, it was too plain so I added some geometric accents with Powder Perfect Cerulean (a sheer tint) and Pretty Serious Presence. It ended up a little like the Ice King's Castle so it works perfectly with the infinite Gunter accent nail.

Make sure you check out #ThemedThursdayJan on Instagram to get your winter/penguin fix for the week!

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