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New brand review - Tatty Mule Nail Paints

Hi lovelies!

It's Friday! Not sure if it was just me but this week was a real clogged toilet. To say I'm happy it's the weekend in a matter of hours is a bit of an understatement. Regardless of stinky week of stinkdom, I thought I'd farewell it in a positive way by showing off some new polish I recently purchased from newish Aussie brand Tatty Mule Nail Paints.

Admittedly I've been very slack trying new brands lately, it's impossible for just one person to keep up these days! I promised myself to shop somewhere new in the Boxing Day sales and Tatty Mule got my attention with these two cute crellies.


Tatty Mule - Pi Beta Alpha

Pi Beta Alpha is a sheer grey crelly with multi coloured neon glitters and a delicate sprinkle of holo shimmer. This kind of colour combo always makes my eyeballs happy. Unfortunately sheer does not make me so happy - my swatches are four coats and still a bit of VNL going on. Admittedly, Tatty Mule are very up front about the sheerness in the listing and recommend layering, but I wanted that classic crelly effect of glitter peeking through the layers. Obstinate much?

Sheerness aside, the glitter spreads easily across the nail and it's a fabulous colour combo - I'll just suck it up and layer next time! 


A polish inspired by the one and only Howard Moon, I can't not love this! The creamy base has a lovely subtle shimmer and the brown and green hexes are spot on Howard Moon colours.

This polish immediately made me think of this beautiful piece of poetry:

IGSMTG has a lovely formula, I did three thin coats for complete opacity but two medium coats would be just as good. I have a huge soft spot for crellies with sparsely dotted glitters like this and the unique colour combination is such a welcome addition to my collection!

There is an entire Mighty Boosh inspired collection that my limited funds stopped me from buying in full, but I'm pretty jazzed it exists. I kinda can't believe I've never come across a Boosh inspired collection before! 

You can find Tatty Mule Nail Paints on Etsy and stay up to date via Facebook and Instagram

Happy weekend pals! Anyone got any exciting plans?

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