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Best of 2015 - My Favourite Nail Art

Happy New Year!!

To say goodbye to 2015 I'm looking back at the 15 best nail art looks I did over the last 12 months (and also vegetating on the couch binge watching Jessica Jones, hand me my hungover multi-tasking award pls). I guess it's more favourite than best, but much of a muchness I guess. Let's get into it!

In no particular order, until we reach the top three at the end.

Giraffe Blobbicure for the 31 Day Challenge - I love how this turned out and clearly lots of you did too - it's one of my most liked Instagram posts ever!

 Best Nail Art of 2015 - Giraffe Blobbicure

Adventure Time Candy Peeps Nail Art was for the 52 Week Pick n Mix challenge and one of the most difficult things I'd attempted at the time. My freehand skills are slowly improving - I'm never gonna be the amazing Narmai from PiggieLuv, but I love how rewarding it is to freehand something you never thought you'd be able to do!

Best Nail Art of 2015 - Adventure Time Candy Peeps

Blood Brothers 'Crimes' Nail Art - inspired by this excellent album art from my favourite band ever, The Blood Brothers, I have a massive weak spot for this particular mani. I just about died from fangirling when they commented in my Instagram post!

Best Nail Art of 2015 - The Blood Brothers 'Crimes'

Cocktail Drag Marble Nail Art - I developed a fondness for drag marbles in 2015 and this was my favourite of them all! So bright and summery!

Best Nail Art of 2015 - Cocktail Drag Marble

Glittery Reciprocal Gradient - my contribution for my first linkup with the Paint All The Nails ladies is still my favourite! I went all out trying something I'd never done before and was over the moon with how it turned out. 

Best Nail Art of 2015 - Glittery Reciprocal Gradient

Rainbow Triangle Gradient - I love the sketchy/watercolour vibe these nails have, I managed to turn my struggle with stencil vinyls into something very me (ie. imperfect but fabulous).

Best Nail Art of 2015 - Rainbow Triangle Gradient

Stamped Scale Gradient - another from the 31 Day Challenge! I totally love the perfectly smooth transition of this stamped gradient and how vivid it is over the dark base. 

Best Nail Art of 2015 - Stamped Scale Gradient

Detailed Half Moon Nail Art inspired by Lucie of Lucy's Stash. I certainly don't have her knack for intricate detail but I adore how these look anyway. 

Best Nail Art of 2015 - Detailed Half Moons

Minimalist Freehand Geometric Nail Art, a recreation from the Paint All The Nails: Secret Santa Edition! I recreated three of The Lacquerologist's awesome nail art looks and this simple, bright, and bold freehand triangle set is my favourite.

Best Nail Art of 2015 - Lacquerologist inspired triangles

M82 Galaxy Nail Art was for an Instagram challenge back in July and I used ten different shades to recreate an image of an actual galaxy. Regular galaxy nails are always fabulous but I thought I'd take it up a notch and do something more specific. I love the bright pastels over black!

Best Nail Art of 2015 - M82 Galaxy

Tropical Neon Nail Art, originally done in the middle of winter for an Instagram challenge! Maybe it's just because it's summer now but I'm crushing on these nails all over again!

Best Nail Art of 2015 - Tropical Neon

Shaun of The Dead "You've Got Red On You" Nail Art - this was done for an Instagram challenge prompt of 'red', and all I could think of was that quote from Shaun of The Dead! Ignoring the dodgy Sharpie lettering it turned out just as I'd hoped.

Best Nail Art of 2015 - Shaun of the Dead You've Got Red On You

Drumroll please... time for my 3 favourite nail art looks of 2015!


Maybe the first water marble I've done and really truly loved. Each nail looks like it flows onto the next, which was unintentional genius. Adding the stamped swirls pulled the look together in such a gorgeous way! It's one of my favourites ever, and it's been popular - it appeared in my Best of 2015 - Most Popular Posts, and the wonderful Emily of Nail Polish Society recreated it for the Paint All The Nails: Secret Santa Edition! If you haven't yet seen her recreation you really need to!!

Best Nail Art of 2015 - Rainbow Water Marble & Stamped Swirls


Done when I was just about at breaking point in the 31 Day Challenge, this mani gave me life. Inspired by an amazing installation I got to visit in person at the David Lynch 'Between Two Worlds' exhibit at GOMA in early 2015, it translated to my nails just as I had envisioned. I still look at it in awe!

Best Nail Art of 2015 - inspired by David Lynch Untitled Installation


AKA the nail art I had been wanting to do for bajillion years! I finally bit the bullet for the Cartoons and Comics week of the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas linkup and painted my loving tribute to my hero, Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers. Also marks an achievement in the first time I've painted a butt on my nails.

Best Nail Art of 2015 - Tina Belcher (Bob's Burgers)

Thanks for reading, commenting, liking, sharing, following and enabling me during 2015 - here's to a mega polished 2016!

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