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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Things That Fly

Hi lovelies!

I meant to post this much earlier but I ended up having a mid-morning nap before heading off to an afternoon raging at my nephew's first birthday party. Yep, I'm a real wild child sometimes.

It feels like forever since I did a 40 Great Nail Art Ideas linkup - probs because I haven't done one since last year. RIGHT?! *crickets*

I did a recreation/update of this paper plane nail art that has appeared on every Pinterest nail art board and Buzzfeed list of nail art since the dawn of mankind, always with the watermark cropped out and often at shitty screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot of a screenshot quality. I think what I've linked to is the original source but if you know otherwise let me know!

I double derped editing my photos (done as I was drifting into the mid-morning nap) and saved the same image twice instead of the two separate images I edited. Double derp because the one I saved was the secondary image with the artsy out of focus thing going on. Woops!

You probably wanna know how I did these, yeah? I started with a base of Essie Hide & Go Chic, a stunning deep cerulean creme. While that was drying I made the paper plane decal on my new Messy Mansion Decal Work Mat with Pretty Serious Absence and Presence. 

Then while that was drying I did some marble stamping, a genius technique I've been wanting to try since Deborah from Love Varnish did this gorgeous mani. I put a blob of Hide & Go Chic and a blob of Presence on my Decal Work Mat, swirled them together with an orange wood stick and then lightly pressed my stamped into the swirly mess. Then I quickly and gently rolled the marbled polish onto my nails - I got two nails out of one hit! It's such a beautiful effect right?

Then it was just a matter of applying the decal, doing some dashes to represent the path of my paper plane, then top coat and done! I love how they look and they made the perfect whimsical nails for a first birthday party too!

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