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Paint All The Nails: Secret Santa Edition!!

Hi lovelies!

Today feels like Christmas has come early! The amazing Paint All The Nails gang that I'm lucky enough to be part of have banded together this month for an epic Secret Santa Edition of our monthly linkups!

What does that mean? Well, our wonderful organiser Emily of Very Emily randomly assigned each of us another member to recreate the nail art of - just wait until you see who I was assigned!

Wheeeeee! Today I'm recreating some of my favourite looks done by the amazingly talented Emily of The Lacquerologist! I was equally thrilled and intimidated when I found out she was my partner - thrilled because I have been following her for a long time and have a huge library of inspiration to choose from, and intimidated because... well, she's the dang Lacquerologist! She wrote an actual book on nail art you guys!

OK, time to pull myself together - less flailing, more nail art!

This striking triangle mani was a recent favourite from the Digital Dozen does Geometric week. So simple, but bold and bright - what's not to love? 

I used Grace-full Nail Polish Terese which is a bright pastel yellow with a hint of shimmer and Pretty Serious Absence. 

You can see the original here.

Oh yes, there is more! I also wanted to do some soundwave nail art because it seemed like it would be a bit of fun. It was! I did a base of Pretty Serious Presence and Gloomy Kitty in a half/half style, then just took a narrow striper brush down the centre doing uneven stripes with Shades of Phoenix Underlands.

Check out some Lacquerologist originals here and here!

Finally, one I've been wanting to do ever since Emily first posted her version - a sheer tint water marble over silver holo glitter.

I used several of the Stained Glass tints from Powder Perfect over a base of the super sparkly Silver Pearl Sand from Mckfresh. The end result is mind blowingly awesome!! It looks like sugar crystals on a delicious piece of candy... nom nom nom...

Suffice to say I will absolutely be doing this again. It's pure genius, and nothing short of spectacular!

Emily, you beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk-ox! I hope I did you proud!

That's a wrap for Paint All The Nails for 2015! I can't wait for 2016, it's always so much fun linking up with you ladies and I'm so thankful for all the support and friendship since I've joined <3 You're all amazing and I wish you all nothing but joy and happiness for the holidays!

That also goes to all my lovely readers - whether you only drop by on occasion or you're a dedicated follower, thank you and big squishy holiday hugs for you all!

Now, onto the rest of the Secret Santa links - I can't wait to see who has created something of mine!

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