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Best of 2015 - My Favourite Polish

Hi lovelies!

I'm posting this with just 24 hours left of 2015 - can you believe another year is winding up already? I've had a hard time picking my top polish of the year - there are SO MANY sitting untried and probably just as many still on my wish list that I had to rule out but even then it was tough narrowing it down.

Unsurprisingly my final list is full to the brim with Aussie Indie polish but there's one sneaky US boutique brand that made it in there - can you guess what it will be?

1. Glittering Elements - Vortex
2. Mckfresh Nail Attire - Tiger's Roaming Eye
3. Powder Perfect - Legend Says
4. Shades of Phoenix - Ginny's Locks
5. Powder Perfect - Family Crest
6. Grace-full Nail Polish - Butter-ful
7. Two Birds Lacquer - Hot Water Bottle
8. ILNP - 1UP
9. Pretty Serious - Kashmir
10. Grace-full Nail Polish - Liz
11. Bettie Pain Polish - Moon
12. Petal Polish - Devil's Blush
13. Femme Fatale - Infamous Riddle
14. Bettie Pain Polish - Purrfect
15. Pretty Serious - Blood of Knossos
16. Two Birds Lacquer - Mother of Pearl

I feel like it's pretty obvious what colours I was digging this year! Green is my eternal favourite, and this year I found my holy grail mint thanks to Powder Perfect and the phenomenal bright grassy holo 1UP from ILNP totally blew me away. Femme Fatale and Pretty Serious delivered on the ugly pretties - the former with Infamous Riddle, a light olive shade with a wicked red shimmer, and the latter with the murky olive Blood of Knossos. 

I also really fell for everything on the neutral-brown spectrum, starting at the creamy pale Butter-ful from Grace-full and finishing at the rich chocolate shimmer of Devil's Blush from Petal Polish. Moon from Bettie Pain gave me a neutral with added green shimmer which almost made my brain explode with joy, and Two Birds provided a perfect mustard with Hot Water Bottle.

Shades of Phoenix convinced me that reds aren't just for the boring and old-fashioned - Ginny's Locks gave me gorgeous colour and sparkle, and later in the year Powder Perfect's Family Crest got me loving the richer luxe reds.

There were also a spectrum of beautiful purple jellies that had me swooning, starting early in the year with the incredible Vortex from Glittering Elements - multichrome flakies never looked so vampy! Pretty Serious paired up with my pals Christine from Serenity Nails and produced the epic Kashmir, complex and shifty and utterly glorious. Purrfect from Bettie Pain had the ultimate squish factor and cemented the brand as a firm favourite.

The best of the rest include the brilliant and unique Tiger's Roaming Eye from Mckfresh - a combination of black and gold micro glitters in a clear base that saw it's way onto my nails many times this year, Mother of Pearl from Two Birds which was a delicate creamy grey flecked with iridescent flakes and olive green glitter, totally beautiful and fulfilling all my desires for the perfect grey. Finally, Liz from Grace-full was a quiet achiever from the first Dreamy Beach release. A smooth and delicious glowing peach with a sensational formula.

All up, I'd say 2015 was a pretty great year! Do you see any of your own favourites in there? Share your faves and recommendations in the comments!

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