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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - New Year

Hi lovelies!

It's a bit of a late post for the current 40 Great Nail Art Ideas prompt, but given the whole Xmas deal that was to be expected, right? Right? Good.

It's actually a prompt I was a little excited about, because New Years Eve holds some special significance for me as it's when I first met my now-husband. So you're getting some nail art and a bit of a story today!

First of all - you're seeing different/shonky photos because I'm away for the holidays sans camera and tripod. I honestly don't know how people take photos without a tripod!

I've done a dark but sparkly look with a flashy accent nail which could be whatever you want to interpret it as - fireworks, coloured strobe lighting, fruity daiquiris maybe? The accent nail is randomly sponged on ILNP Luna, Open Fields, Cold Fusion and Electric Carnival, with stamping from MoYou Kaleidoscope 07.

I based the mani around Midnight City, a polish from the Black Cat Lacquer collection inspired by the music of M83. It's a black jelly full of silver holo dots, hexes and moons which is perfect for New Year's Eve but also perfect for my own New Years Eve story.

8 years ago this NYE, I went out on the town to a club in my city called Common People (yes, as in the Pulp song) and got myself right plastered and danced up a storm. I also ended up making out with some guy on the dancefloor, and stayed long after my friends left and eventually went home with him.

Fast forward five years to New Years Eve 2012, it's a little more subdued - romantic dinner on a tropical getaway, followed by a proposal back in our hotel room. I manage to spit out a confused yes, wondering if he was actually proposing right now?!?

A little over a year later, we marry, having the most fun wedding we could have possibly planned, basing it around our shared love of music, and we walk down the aisle to a song which in title sums up our meeting perfectly - Midnight City by M83. 

So yeah - New Year's Eve is kind of a big deal for me (so much easier to remember than a wedding anniversary :P), and even more so this year - Common People are having a reunion night, so all us early-mid 30's folk can reminisce about the time that one club played amazing music that we could dance all night to, and I can relive that one night I met my soulmate. Ahhh so corny #sorrynotsorry!


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