/**/ Stamped flakies with ILNP Luna - Procrastinating Polishr

Stamped flakies with ILNP Luna

Hi lovelies!

Oooooh have I got some sweet stamped multichrome flakie goodness today! Seriously my favourite thing right now. You might have seen me stamping over flakies a couple times already and it's my go-to last minute weekend nail art.

Tell me this doesn't set your pulse racing! 

Wild bends of colour from four sponged coats of ILNP Luna - which sounds like a lot, but it's a. worth it and b. fast drying. The trippy tangled pattern is from Emily de Molly EDM09 stamped with Ulta3 Black Satin.

My glossy shots are with Grace-full Nail Polish Angel Glaze. Below, I mattified all the things with Pretty Serious Matte All the Things! I think maybe I prefer these glossy, despite my usual matte lust. Who even am I?!?

What do you think? Glossy or matte?

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