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Powder Perfect - Quest for Paradise Part II

Hi lovelies!

Who's ready for a hot summer? With the heatwave hitting Australia this week I'm scoping out prices of portable air con units and longing for a cool breeze (and an even cooler beverage in my hand)!

While I wish I was blogging from a beachfront balcony, I will console myself with the amazing new collection from Powder Perfect - Quest for Paradise, part II! Full of bold metallic shimmers and some perfect cremes, I'm sure you're going to love what's ahead!


Abandoning your ship isn't as bad if you are wearing a smashing dark blue shimmer varnish

Nothing short of a dream, this electric blue is like a better version of the colour that got me addicted to polish many years ago (Maybelline Electric Blue if you were wondering). It's smooth and glossy in two quick coats. The formula is sensational. My swatches show no top coat - it's really that stunning on it's own! I'm thinking this is going to be my summer pedicure staple this year.


What will you discover this sailing season? Perhaps our bold and bright shimmery purple polish?

Love this gorgeous shimmery purple - there are some lovely subtle sparks of pink shimmer that will win you over. My swatches are three thin coats and no top coat again. Formula wise this wasn't as good as Abandon Ship, but it's still shiny and smooth without top coat and is an absolute dream to apply.


 You'd better find out what the locals say before you sail these treacherous waters

All of my polishing life I've been searching for the perfect mint creme. It's been almost as difficult as finding the perfect yellow - so many are too sheer, or chalky, or have a slight shimmer. I've certainly found a few gems, but this is my absolute holy grail mint creme!

Two coats. Dream formula. Self levelling. Perfection in a bottle. Get some fast dry top coat on there and you'll never want to remove it!


Do you dream of a new horizon? Let us help your dreams become a reality with the gorgeous metallic aqua shade.

Dreamy aqua green with a shimmering satin finish that definitely makes me want to sail away to paradise. You know I love anything green, and I obviously adore this one!

Unsurprisingly this has a brilliant formula - two coats for this rich and smooth finish. It dries satin, and it retains much of that finish with top coat. The full swatch above shows top coat, and the closeup below is without.


Your parrot will be squawking "Pieces of eight, pieces of eight!" when you unearth this metallic champagne-silver polish

This is such a unique shade - in certain light it looks quite silver but to me it was very much a champagne shade. It has a lovely neutral tone that doesnt quite work against my ruddy skin, but I can still admire it!

I needed just one coat for this. One. Coat. Absolute killer formula, it applies so beautifully with no dragging or balding as some foil-like metallics are prone to do. There is the slightest hint of brushstroke in my photos that were not noticeable to the naked eye, and it's entirely possible my ridgey nails contributed to this. I wore this without top coat.


Don't get into a stoush of whataboutery with the captain! Enjoy our fantastically fluorescent creme pink lacquer instead!

Holy neon! This is an eye searing pink that made my camera completely flip out. You could probably spot someone wearing this shade from several suburbs away. It might be that I usually avoid pink but I've definitely never come across anything this bright.

Just two coats for an instant rave on your nails. Unlike most neons, this dries glossy but I'd recommend adding some top coat to smooth things out - I wouldn't say it was patchy, it just didn't self level as well as the rest.

The Quest for Paradise (part II) collection is available to pre-order from powderperfect.com.au until Nov 21st. International stockists will be stocking this collection soon so keep an eye out with your preferred stockist.

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*Products in this post were provided as press samples, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information

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