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Weekend beauty experiment - Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Hi lovelies!

Welcome to my first weekend beauty experiment! After almost two years of nail blogging I thought it would be fun to mix things up once or twice a month with other beauty and non-nail related posts. I've considered this for a little while (see my OHWTO review) and when Adriana from Irresistible Me contacted me with the offer to try some hair extensions I figured... why not?!

So this is me posing on an overcast day with a rad new haircut that I've wanted for ages. It's the shortest I've ever had it and it's pure excellence. 

This is also me, about half an hour later (with bonus sunshine), doing a glitter-free-brunette-Kesha inspired hot mess style!

MY HAIR/STYLE: I have super fine and very straight dark brown hair. I get oily roots sometimes but my hair is in pretty good condition considering I don't do much more than wash it every couple days. There's some really faded red growing out as I'm prone to dying my hair very infrequently. My current style is an asymmetric bob with a bit of an undercut for summery weightlessness. 

I'm very into super low maintenance looks, but am a bit all or nothing when I do want to make myself up. For what it's worth, I'm makeup free here.

THE PRODUCT: I chose the 18" Royal Remy hair in the shade Rosewood. Despite having the option to choose a dark brown shade that would match my hair, I wanted something with a bit of colour. I initially asked for the 140g option but was kindly given a full 200g of hair. 

Irresistible Me give you 12 colour options to choose from, and even if none of them are a perfect match they are safe to dye. You can safely cut, colour and heat style the Royal Remy extensions. The extensions come in a range of widths, from 1.2" single clip wefts to a huge 4 clip weft that's about 7.5 inches wide. In total I received 1x 4 clip, 2x 3 clip, 5x 2 clip and 4 single clip wefts. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: I got these about 8 days after ordering, which is pretty great for international mail. I was definitely surprised with the sheer amount of hair in the package - 200g is probably more than what was on my head at the time I received them. I was really happy with how vivid the colour was and how soft the hair felt. They did need a good brush after unpackaging, and there was some shedding but they don't noticeably thin out. They were also in need of some moisture to tame flyaways, but the hair didn't feel substantially dry or brittle.

WEAR AND USAGE: I've worn these twice since receiving them, including for a full night out before I cut my hair. They gave me great volume and sat comfortably. I used the 3 clip wefts along my part and across the back of my head, then positioned the 2 and 1 clips wefts in other positions to blend out the colour. I won't ever be able to use the 4 clip weft as it's just too big for me, but the 3 clip wefts are perfectly sized.

STYLING: The first time I wore these I went for a typical voluminous but sleek style which got me a lot of compliments but wasn't exactly 'me'. When I went to wear them again and photograph myself in them I wanted to do a style that was more up my alley.

I started by taking 2x 2 clip wefts aside and plaiting them, securing the end with a bobby pin. I clipped a 3 clip weft an inch below my part on either side, angling them slightly downward toward the back of my head (I just like angles I guess). I combed a part on the crown of my head and clipped a 2 clip weft in. I put some volumising powder in my natural hair to give it enough texture to make sure the clips were covered well before adding in extra elements.

I then took my pre-plaited pieces and clipped them low on the right side of my head placed upside down, and pulled the plait through my hair and placed one across my fringe and another across the crown of my head, securing with bobby pins. Once I was happy with how it looked I added one more single clip weft onto the left side of my head for an extra strip of colour and pulled everything across to the front of my right shoulder. 

I loved how it looked from the front and sides but should have done a bit more for volume on top. I really dig the contrast of the long flowing locks on one side and my undercut peeking out on the other.

THE VERDICT: I actually found myself surprised by how much I enjoyed using the Irresistible Me hair extensions! I don't particularly love long hair all the time so the flexibility of being able to grow my hair in an instant and remove it the same day does appeal to me. I'd love to try colouring some of the wefts for a multi coloured look - because it's natural hair you can colour it as you would your own. I'm tempted to chop one of the single clip wefts to use as a purple highlight!

Will I use them all the time? Probably not - with my new cut I'm a dedicated short hair girl. But I will definitely get use out of them again when I want to go wild with styling, I really want to try some big curls with these. If you're into long voluminous locks then I'd absolutely recommend these. 

Before I go it's worth mentioning the range at Irresistible Me has increased hugely in the last month - they now offer a load of hair accessories (I have my eye on the Juno comb and Ruby headband) and pre-highlighted extensions which you can customise with any of the 12 colours they offer which definitely appeals to me.

Irresistible Me offer free international shipping for orders over $150, and 20% you first order with the code GET20OFF.

So I want to know - are you all about sleek chic or are you a hot mess like me? Long hair or short? I now have so many options!

*The abovementioned products were provided by Irresistible Me, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information

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