Swatches & Review: Moonstone Nail Polish Unforgivable Trio

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Back to nails, and back to Halloween collections today with an utterly stunning trio from Moonstone Nail Polish! You may have seen me nerding out over Caitlin’s Potter themed polishes before and I can’t guarantee there won’t be nerding out again today. 

The Unforgivable trio is inspired by the three unforgivable curses of the Potterverse. Powerful and nothing short of pure evil, the use of an unforgivable curse will land you in Azkaban faster than you can say "mischief managed". I can guarantee your utmost safety from the effects of the curses while using these polishes however, so let's take a look! 



Moonstone Nail Polish Unforgivable Trio - Control

The Imperius Curse allows a wizard or witch to exert total control over a person. It's like if hypnosis was a real and dangerous thing - at best, you might end up doing this, but usually it's done with far more evil intentions.

Control is a highly pigmented deep blurple linear holo with scattered micro flakes. Full even coverage is achieved in just two coats and the formula is just stunning. Plus check out that holo! I take all my photos at night, in a lightbox - notoriously bad conditions for capturing holos well - and it's still vivid and glowing! 

Moonstone Nail Polish Unforgivable Trio - Control

Moonstone Nail Polish Unforgivable Trio - Control



Moonstone Nail Polish Unforgivable Trio - Murder

The Killing Curse - perhaps the most notorious of the unforgivable curses - will cause immediate death. Unless you are Harry Potter of course, the only known survivor of the Killing Curse. Fun fact: Avada Kedavra is an ancient Aramaic spell intended to cure illnesses, and was the origin of the word 'abracadabra'!

Murder is a complex dark green linear holo with an abundance of micro flakes which sometimes give a hint of purple and gold duochrome-style bends. Again a stunning formula, two smooth coats for perfect opacity. I do love my greens, and this one definitely tamed my inner holo grinch. 

Moonstone Nail Polish Unforgivable Trio - Murder

Moonstone Nail Polish Unforgivable Trio - Murder



Moonstone Nail Polish Unforgivable Trio - Torture

The Cruciatus Curse, in my opinion, is the most sinister of the three unforgivable curses. A curse that inflicts deep and excruciating pain, requires a genuine desire to cause pain to be effective, so powerful it can torture you to permanent insanity. No wonder it's a favourite of Bellatrix Lestrange...

Torture in polish form is nothing short of breathtaking. I initially had reservations about a trio containing two purples, but after wearing both I don't think I'd want to be without either. Torture is still dark and rich but flashes bright fuchsia, green and orange to really grab your attention. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is again a two coat wonder with a fabulous formula.

Moonstone Nail Polish Unforgivable Trio - Torture

Moonstone Nail Polish Unforgivable Trio - Torture

The Unforgivable Trio will be available Thursday 15/10 from Moonstone Nail Polish 

If dark complex colours are your thing then you do not want to miss out on this trio!

If you're not in Australia it will be difficult to get your hands on these, as increased postal monitoring on international parcels means polish cannot be shipped internationally. If you just can't live without them, maybe ask nicely over at Ella Ann Cosmetics, or check in with your favourite local stockist if you want to try and get your hands on these outside of Australia!

*The abovementioned products were provided by Moonstone Nail Polish, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information

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