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Swatches & Review: Glittering Elements - Haunted Australia

Hi lovelies!

No rest for the wicked - I have so many amazing releases to show you this week, kicking off with this spooktastic collection from Glittering Elements.


"According to legend a beautiful girl named Oolana, from the Yidinji people, married a respected elder from her tribe named Waroonoo. Shortly after their union another tribe moved into the area and a handsome young man came into her life. His name was Dyga and the pair soon fell in love. Realising the adulterous crime they were committing, the young lovers escaped their tribes and fled into the valleys. The elders captured them, but Oolana broke free from her captors and threw herself into the still waters of what is now known as Babinda Boulders, calling for Dyga to follow her. As Dyga hit the waters, her anguished cries for her lost lover turned the still waters into a rushing torrent and the land shook with sorrow. Huge boulders were scattered around the creek and the crying Oolana disappeared among them. Aboriginal legend says her spirit still guards the boulders and that her calls for her lost lover can still be heard." - Source
17 people have died at the Devil's Pool in the Babinda Boulders since 1959, with the last known death occurring in 2009.

3 coats w/ glossy top coat

3 coats w/ matte top coat

Devil's Pool is a gorgeous blue jelly full of holo shine with pale blue micro glitters and small metallic red hexes. I used three coats for full coverage and a juicy depth. I'm totally in love with the rich vibrant blue base! The formula is gorgeous requiring little effort for perfect application. Casey was concerned this one might stain so I wore this with a basic ridge filling base coat and had no staining after 4 days. Of course you all use base coat to protect your nails and maximise wear time, so I don't have to remind you to use it, right? ;)


"Australia’s most haunted house is the Monte Cristo Homestead in Junee. Ghosts of its original owner Christopher William Crawley and his family are believed to haunt the home. A caretaker was murdered in the home in 1961, a mentally disabled boy was kept in the homestead’s cottage for many years, a boy died falling down the stairs, a maid fell from a balcony and a stable boy died from injuries after a fire. Many of the ghosts who appear in the residence are believed to be spirits of these people who died there and Mrs Crawley herself." - Source

Monte Cristo is a brilliant grassy green holo with metallic red hexes. I was really impressed with the formula of this - often whenever holos have an added element like glitter or flakes they tend to sit on top and create a lumpy finish, but they are suspended beautifully in the base here. I like that they give a blood spattered effect, but if you don't wanna think of it that way then it's also a very Xmas appropriate colour scheme!

I used 3 coats for full coverage, and again experienced no staining after wearing this for 3 days.


"The [Old Melbourne] gaol was famous for housing and executing some of Australia’s most notorious criminals including the famed bushranger Ned Kelly and serial killer Frederick Bailey Deeming. 
In total, 135 prisoners were executed by hanging. So, is the Old Melbourne Gaol really haunted? Rumors of hauntings among paranormal enthusiasts are quite active. With its dark history, the gaol is one of the first places paranormal seekers migrate too. British parapsychologist Darren Done believes that the gaol is haunted and has conducted many studies including spending a night in 2003. He claimed that he heard voices and detected evidence of an electrical interference which ultimately suggests paranormal activity. In 2005, Done claimed that he had a recording of a ghostly figure with a grotesque visage standing in one of the doorways.
Other paranormal seekers back up Done’s claims by saying they’ve heard the voice of a woman. Most people who have heard this woman calling out suggest that it might be the spirit of the first woman to be executed, Elizabeth Scott." - Source

Old Melbourne Gaol is an absolute stunner. A muddy grey crelly filled with holo sparkle and several sizes of holo grey/silver glitters. There holo gives this the slightest hints of colour in certain lights, on the nail it almost looks as though the polish is a heavily desaturated dark purple, or like it's part of a black and white photograph.

The formula on this is great and easy to use, though I did have to fish for one or two of the larger hexes. I did three coats for the camera but I would probably only wear two if I was wearing as a full mani.


"On the evening of 3 March 1888, the baritone Frederick Baker, known under the stage name "Frederick Federici", was performing the role of Mephistopheles in Gounod's opera Faust. This production ended with Mephistopheles sinking dramatically through a trapdoor returning to the fires of hell with his prize, the unfortunate Dr Faustus. As Federici was lowered down through the stage into this basement, he had a heart attack and died almost immediately.
He never came back onstage to take his bows, but when the company was told of what had happened at the end of the opera, they said that he had been onstage and taken the bows with them. Since then, various people have claimed to see a ghostly figure in evening dress at the theatre. For many years, a third-row seat in the dress circle was kept vacant in his honour." - Source

Princess Theatre is a soft golden jelly holo, with a mix of holo silver and gold glitters that give a light champagne finish. The formula is really easy to work with and I found the larger hexes easier to get out than from Old Melbourne Gaol. 

I used 3 coats and found that coverage looked good due to the amount of sparkle, but on camera there's still some slight VNL. I wouldn't say you'd need any more than 3 coats because the shine will really take over in real life.

There you have it - the first of the coming onslaught of Halloween releases! Are you a fan of Halloween or Halloween polish? I think it's my favourite holiday, despite not even celebrating it here in Australia.

The Haunted Australia collection is available now through until the end of October from Glittering Elements

Devil's Pool
Old Melbourne Gaol

*The abovementioned products were provided by Glittering Elements, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information

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