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Halloween Horror Mani-thon

Hi lovelies!

It's Halloween, and I'm going to share two of my favourite things with you to celebrate my favourite (non)holiday of the year - nail polish and horror movies!

Every year my husband and I have a horror movie marathon - this year we've got Trick 'r TreatHigh TensionNear DarkPontypool and The Skin I Live In lined up before heading off to see The Green Inferno later tonight. It's a tradition that's led us to the amazing Sleepaway Camp, the dull and overrated Pulse and multiple repeat viewings of classics like Friday the 13th and Halloween.

So here are my recommendations for a fun horror movie marathon, each with a matching polish for those that like to do their nails in front of the TV, or just need an excuse to do their nails one more time for Halloween! I've tried to avoid limited editions and particularly 'Halloweeny' polishes where possible, so let's check them out.


A brilliant psychological/sci-fi horror that sees six people wake inside a giant cube. To escape they must solve the puzzle that traps them in each room - with thousands of rooms and no sense of how to escape this is a claustrophic nightmare.


Pair Cube with Pixel Perfect - a matte square glitter topper from Gloss n Sparkle. Don't own it? Try stamping with MoYou Artist 16!


Another claustrophobes worst nightmare, The Descent follows six friends on a caving expedition that goes horribly wrong. A collapse sees them trapped, and they soon find they are definitely not alone down there. This is one of my favourites of all time - it left me afraid of the dark for a while!

What else could you pair with a film about the kind of darkness you only get when you're trapped far, far, underground but Pretty Serious Absence?


The ultimate classic - friends go to a cabin in the middle of nowhere and awaken evil spirits after reading from the Necronomicon. Because who wouldn't read from something bound in human flesh? The Evil Dead is gross and hilarious and is probably gonna get a rewatch before I dive into Ash VS Evil Dead - which premieres today!

I'm going with Pretty Serious again, because Gruesome Groom is just as essential as this movie.


Girl meets boy. Girl sleeps with boy. Boy ties girl up and feels like this is the best way to break it to her that her's given her an STC - sexually transmitted curse. With it's washed out aesthetic and slow burning tension It Follows looks and feels like it could have been made in 1977. I personally love a slow build and with the sense of space and atmosphere in It Follows you're always searching the frame for... something...

To match the washed out colours go for ILNP Long Walks.


If you want something supernatural without the ghosts that usually come with it, try Oculus. It's definitely not your typical horror, but it builds to an unexpected climax. Siblings Tim and Kaylie are reunited after Tim is released from a mental institution after serving time for the murder of their parents. Kaylie has always maintained Tim's innocence and believes an antique mirror is the source of their family's horrors, and she sets about to prove it, and destroy the mirror. It's smart and thoughtfully constructed, jumping between the current timeline and the time of their parent's murder.

I'm going mainstream for this, because you can't go past OPI Push and Shove for the perfect mirror finish.


You know how Paranormal Activity goes right? It's one of the biggest horror movies of the last decade, has spawned four sequels and continues to contribute to my fear of manholes. I'll admit, I wrote it off for years thinking it would be crap, but I found it surprisingly effective. I do have a soft spot for unseen evil and films that leave more to the imagination - because when your brain fills in the gaps it's always more horrifying than a CGI demon face.

I'm picking Sayuri Night Owl, both for the name and the colour of the hazy nighttime video footage that's central to the film's effectiveness.


I'll admit I haven't ventured far in the giallo genre, but dammit if Suspiria isn't one of the most amazing looking horror movies I've ever seen. The rich colours and oddly lit scenes stick in your mind long after the memory of gory deaths and barbed wire traps fade. Is there a plot? Maybe? I think there are witches. It doesn't matter, you'll be glued to the screen regardless.

Get the rich ruby jelly of Gloss n Sparkle Rose Madder to accompany this, the vivid red and blue match perfectly with the halls of Freiburg Academy.


With more twists than all of M. Night Shyamalan's films put together, Triangle should be terrible, but it's far from it. A group of friends are out on a yacht far from shore when a storm hits, forcing them to board a passing ship. One of them can't shake the feeling she's been there before, and the creep factor is upped as it slowly dawns upon the group that the ship appears to be abandoned, yet they are being hunted down one by one.

I'm going pretty literal with this and pairing with with Triton from Shades of Phoenix, because it's full of triangles and well, the whole Triton being a sea god thing.


OK this is not exactly horror. It's comedy. But if you're marathoning back to back creepshows then some light relief from a group of vampires just trying to get by in modern New Zealand is definitely required.

This is hands down one of the funniest movies I've seen in the last few years. It's also got a few good jump scares and it will please even the most vampire weary horror/comedy lovers. Plus, kiwi accents!

To match the fabulous, centuries old outfits of Vladislav and Viago, go for Sayuri's Umbra.


The movie that made the world afraid of the Australian outback, and Australia afraid of their beloved John Jarrett, Wolf Creek revitalised Australian horror cinema.

Just as all good movies start, three backpackers find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere, only to be rescued by the one person who will make damn sure they'll never be seen again. It's a bit gory, it's a bit redneck torture porn, and it's victims are reckless and stupid enough that some of us might end up rooting for the bad guy. Good fun I say!

I wanted to pair this with something that said "outback", but I kept going back to Machete Massacre from Glittering Elements. It's no longer available, but it has that perfect heavy metal feel that makes me think of iron wrist cuffs, farm machinery and chainsaws - all things Mick Taylor appears pretty fond of.

Now you tell me - what's your favourite scary movie?

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