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'Fixing' Nail Fails with Hex Nail Jewelry

Hi lovelies!

I was so excited about how this stamped look was coming together. The beautiful sparkling brown micro glitter looked perfect with metallic teal and I'd even managed to line up the image on my nails.

Then... one slip of the hand and it's a mess. Tantrums ensue, four letter words are exclaimed and the right hand reaches for the remover.

Meet the Oh Shit stud!

The Oh Shit stud is made for nail fails. Why remove all your hard work when you can just put a swear word over the ruined part? 

My potentially gorgeous stamped mani was done with Grace-full Around the Hearth as the base, stamped with Hit the Bottle I Wish I Was A Mermaid using Emily de Molly plate EDM01.

Anyone else got a hot tip for 'fixing' nail fails?

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