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40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Hobbies

Hi lovelies!

One challenge finishes, another begins! I'm really excited about this one - a whole bunch of talented nail bloggers, led by the always enthusiastic Debbie (aka The Crumpet), are doing a weekly linkup showcasing some great nail art ideas with a different prompt every Friday. I'm joining in every second week, and don't intend to be posting this late again!

This week our prompt is Hobbies. Now quite clearly my number one hobby is doing my nails, but I also love anything crafty or DIY related so I've done a skittle mani inspired by a few crafts I love.

I've just noticed that my crafts of choice are all thread related. My preferred craft is cross stitch (three of my finished pieces herehere and here) but I also love crochet and embroidery!

My index and pinky finger are crochet inspired - the pinky is a delicate lace style, and the index is some amigurumi - which is essentially a crocheted (or knitted) stuffed toy. I've made a few amigurumi including a bunch of Super Mario Bros villains and this Jake the Dog from Adventure Time.

My middle finger is inspired by embroidery. I've only done a little embroidery but I really want to give it another try! My ring finger is inspired by knitting - the one craft here I'm not quite competent at. One day I'll try and learn it again!

My mani is all done with the aid of stamping plates and a few different methods. My index amigurumi is leadlighted, the middle finger is a sheer tint over white stamping, the ring finger is double stamped and the pinky is simply stamping over my naked nail.

I do wish the look was a little more cohesive but I like each nail on it's own - especially the ring finger, I was able to eyeball placement of the second layer of stamping with the perfect offset from the base, I'm so happy with it!

Now, time to get inspired - check out all the other amazing looks this week in the links below :D

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