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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween

Hi lovelies!

Continuing with a week of linkups and Halloween, today is the Crumpet's Nail Tarts nail art linkup for Halloween!

I've saved my favourite for last with what I'm gonna call 'Frankenstein's Quilt' nail art.

There are plenty of these types of Frankenstein patchwork manis around ye olde internets, but this specific one was inspired by @lifeisnails on Instagram who used glittery crellies instead of plain cremes. As much as I love a good creme, I also love any opportunity to use indie polish in nail art so I knew I'd have to recreate Ramie's mani!

I used Shades of Phoenix Soul Fire for the orange, Two Birds Lacquer Tree-normous for the green and Grace-full Nail Polish Gretchen's Grape for a perfect Halloween purple. The stitches are done with Pretty Serious Absence (of course!)

Now I've gotta get out of here and prepare for tomorrow's Halloween horror movie marathon, an annual tradition in our house.

Check out more Halloween goodness below!

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