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40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Geek

Hi lovelies!

Ready to get geeky? Because this weekend the Nail Tarts are getting our geek on to fill you with nail art inspiration!

Comic Book Nail Art

My current geeky love is comic books. Despite being around since a bajillion years ago, I only really got into comics this year after I was introduced to The Wicked + The Divine. I don't know how many other comic series have their own carefully curated and frequently updated Spotify playlist but it's a surefire way to sell me into something!

My nail art is definitely more like the well known pop art style than modern day comics, but it's recognisable and easy enough to do with polish and limited tools than recreating some kind of amazing art work (read: I'm lazy and not good at proper arty art)

I used all Pretty Serious cremes for this mani - Absence (black) and Presence (white), then from index to pinky is Honey Puff, Unmentionables, Granny Panties and Stud Muffin.

Oh, and the Pop! and Xonx! are stamped from MoYou SciFi02 plate.

Comic Book Nail Art

Plenty more geekery below, check out what the other Nail Tarts have done!

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