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31DC2015 - Inspired by a Tutorial - Tie-Dye

Welp, I know I'm behind and it should be the final day already but I have polish overload happening. Which is a good thing - there are SO MANY amazing releases I'll be posting over the next week. Get excited!

But I'm committed to finishing this, even if it is a bit late. Today was inspired by a tutorial for some sharpie tie-dye nails done by @lolitapainted on Instagram and... well... I'm not so good at sharpie nail art.

Lolita makes it look so damn easy - check out her quickie Instagram tutorial.

Mine ranges from hot mess on my index finger to disastrous mess on my pinky. I was alternately too liberal and too stingey with the isopropyl alcohol. le sigh.

To be honest I'm pretty OK with not being great at this - I love how it looks on other people and can appreciate the amazing marbled looks you can do, but I guess I'm a bit of a stickler for using polish!

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