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Halloween Horror Mani-thon

Hi lovelies!

It's Halloween, and I'm going to share two of my favourite things with you to celebrate my favourite (non)holiday of the year - nail polish and horror movies!

Every year my husband and I have a horror movie marathon - this year we've got Trick 'r TreatHigh TensionNear DarkPontypool and The Skin I Live In lined up before heading off to see The Green Inferno later tonight. It's a tradition that's led us to the amazing Sleepaway Camp, the dull and overrated Pulse and multiple repeat viewings of classics like Friday the 13th and Halloween.

So here are my recommendations for a fun horror movie marathon, each with a matching polish for those that like to do their nails in front of the TV, or just need an excuse to do their nails one more time for Halloween! I've tried to avoid limited editions and particularly 'Halloweeny' polishes where possible, so let's check them out.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Halloween

Hi lovelies!

Continuing with a week of linkups and Halloween, today is the Crumpet's Nail Tarts nail art linkup for Halloween!

I've saved my favourite for last with what I'm gonna call 'Frankenstein's Quilt' nail art.

Double Stamp All The Nails!!

It's time for another Paint All The Nails linkup, something that is fast becoming one of my favourite days of the month! Myself and some lovely talented blogger pals vote on a theme each month and this month double stamping was the winner!

HPB Presents: Halloween II

Hi lovelies!

I'm got some more Halloween nail art going on today with a cute and kooky and slightly spooky ghostly mani! Ever feel like you've got eyes on you no matter where you turn?

HPB Presents: Halloween!

Hi lovelies!

This month the Hobby Polish Bloggers are doing Halloween, which means over the next week there will be dozens of creepy, scary and totally awesome nail art posts for you to enjoy - make sure you check out the linkup at the end of the post.

Halloween isn't really celebrated in Australia - a national disgrace IMO - but nothing will stop me from needing all the Halloween polish and getting a few Halloween inspired looks on my nails!

Halloween Nail Art | gradient dotticure

'Fixing' Nail Fails with Hex Nail Jewelry

Hi lovelies!

I was so excited about how this stamped look was coming together. The beautiful sparkling brown micro glitter looked perfect with metallic teal and I'd even managed to line up the image on my nails.

Then... one slip of the hand and it's a mess. Tantrums ensue, four letter words are exclaimed and the right hand reaches for the remover.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Geek

Hi lovelies!

Ready to get geeky? Because this weekend the Nail Tarts are getting our geek on to fill you with nail art inspiration!

Comic Book Nail Art

Guest post at Serenity Nails

Hi lovelies!

I did some spring time nail art for a guest post over at Serenity Nails today - why don't you head over there and check it out?

Have a fabulous weekend!

Swatches & Review: Moonstone Nail Polish Unforgivable Trio

Hi lovelies! 

Back to nails, and back to Halloween collections today with an utterly stunning trio from Moonstone Nail Polish! You may have seen me nerding out over Caitlin’s Potter themed polishes before and I can’t guarantee there won’t be nerding out again today. 

The Unforgivable trio is inspired by the three unforgivable curses of the Potterverse. Powerful and nothing short of pure evil, the use of an unforgivable curse will land you in Azkaban faster than you can say "mischief managed". I can guarantee your utmost safety from the effects of the curses while using these polishes however, so let's take a look! 

Weekend beauty experiment - Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Hi lovelies!

Welcome to my first weekend beauty experiment! After almost two years of nail blogging I thought it would be fun to mix things up once or twice a month with other beauty and non-nail related posts. I've considered this for a little while (see my OHWTO review) and when Adriana from Irresistible Me contacted me with the offer to try some hair extensions I figured... why not?!

So this is me posing on an overcast day with a rad new haircut that I've wanted for ages. It's the shortest I've ever had it and it's pure excellence. 

Swatches & Review: Shades of Phoenix Vintage Horror Halloween Duo

Hi lovelies!

More Halloween fun today with a classic horror inspired duo from Shades of Phoenix! Last year Shades of Phoenix released the most stunning Halloween duo so my hopes were high this year - and my expectations have been well exceeded!

Wanna see?

Swatches & Review: Glittering Elements - Haunted Australia

Hi lovelies!

No rest for the wicked - I have so many amazing releases to show you this week, kicking off with this spooktastic collection from Glittering Elements.

31DC2015 - Honour Nails You Love - Snowglobe Nails

I'm three days late, but I did it! Challenge completed for the second time - damn it feels good!

Today's nail art is inspired by one of my first nail crushes - Megan from Snowglobe Nails. Her Instagram account is full of chic nail art, flawless swatches and stunning photos. This specific design was from a few months ago and I love it's simplicity.

40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Hobbies

Hi lovelies!

One challenge finishes, another begins! I'm really excited about this one - a whole bunch of talented nail bloggers, led by the always enthusiastic Debbie (aka The Crumpet), are doing a weekly linkup showcasing some great nail art ideas with a different prompt every Friday. I'm joining in every second week, and don't intend to be posting this late again!

This week our prompt is Hobbies. Now quite clearly my number one hobby is doing my nails, but I also love anything crafty or DIY related so I've done a skittle mani inspired by a few crafts I love.

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Tutorial - Tie-Dye

Welp, I know I'm behind and it should be the final day already but I have polish overload happening. Which is a good thing - there are SO MANY amazing releases I'll be posting over the next week. Get excited!

But I'm committed to finishing this, even if it is a bit late. Today was inspired by a tutorial for some sharpie tie-dye nails done by @lolitapainted on Instagram and... well... I'm not so good at sharpie nail art.