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Swatches & Review: Grace-full Nail Polish 'What a Girl Needs'

Hi lovelies!

I have one of the two birthday collections from polish making extraordinaire Theresa, aka Grace-full Nail Polish to show you today! The What a Girl Needs collection was inspired by 6 images Theresa selected from storyboards submitted by members of the Grace-full Nail Polish fan group on Facebook. 

Theresa says she wouldn't be here celebrating the first year of Grace-full without her customers, so this was her way to give back to 6 lucky fans who now get to see their dream polish brought to life.


A wicked blue shimmer fest that shifts violet and, of course, teal. It's dazzling and steely, with every fleck picking up light. 

I needed three coats for full opacity, and I'd recommend wrapping your tips with this one. The formula is smooth as silk and applied really nicely. I didn't test for staining but I would at least wear a good base coat with this. I'd recommend any top coat with this as the finish doesn't require much, if any smoothing. I bet this also looks amazing matte!


Creamy white flecked with gold, a perfect palate cleanser and fabulous work appropriate polish. I adore the soft finish and subtle shine the flakes give.

As usual, a stunning formula that self levels remarkably well considering the generous amount of flakes. I did 3 thin coats but you could get away with two more generous ones. Again, any top coat will do you well due to the smooth finish of the polish.


Teal jelly packed with a million rainbows. Great colour payoff and beautiful depth, I love that this has a good rich base rather than being overly dense with glitter.

I used three thin coats and as with anything teal, be sure you lay down a good base coat first. I topped this off with a nice thick top coat - this doesn't dry down too harshly due to the jelly base but you really benefit from a nice glassy finish. 


A magical magenta with loads of shimmer and sparkle, plus some ultrachrome chameleon flakies thrown in for good measure. The base itself is closer to pink than my photos would have you believe, though the sparkle and flakes give it a definite purple tinge that makes me swoon.

The formula on this is absolutely gorgeous, two coats was all I needed. I used a quite thin fast dry top coat with this thinking I might lose some sparkle with a thicker one, but I actually think you'd benefit from something thicker.


Silver. Sparkle. Need I say more? If you need a good sparkly silver rainbow thrower, this will not let you down. The ultra fine glitters are in a silver tinted base which gives a great blinding silver flash.

The ultra fine glitters make for a really good formula - I find a lot of micro glitters drag and bald easily but I had no issues with this at all. I did three thin coats and each layer was as easy to apply as the last. Give this one a nice thick top coat for maximum impact.


Gorgeous forest green holo with a golden sheen. I didn't capture the holo well - check out Polly Polish for some gorgeous shots of this one (and the rest!). There's a fabulous darkness under all the sparkle that I love about this one, and the gold shift is really lovely.

The formula is perfection, two super smooth coats and you're good to go. I put a thinner top coat over this for photographing but it dried quite fast on it's own. 

The What a Girl Needs collection launches tonight at 7pm AEST at gracefullnailpolish.com, and stockists will also have the collection available for purchase.

Make sure you check out Grace-full on Facebook as well for information on birthday giveaways happening through September!

Royal Forest Nymph

*The abovementioned products were provided by Grace-full Nail Polish, which in no way affected my opinion of the product. Please refer to my Disclosure page for more information

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