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Negative Space All The Nails!

Hi lovelies!

I know I'm already in the middle of 31 days of nail art, but why on earth would I let that get in the way of doing another linkup with the lovely ladies of Paint All The Nails? This is my second time joining the fun and this month's theme (as you may have guessed) is negative space!

I did panic a little when the theme got announced - I'm growing out some foul yellow food dye staining from a couple months back but thankfully it's almost grown out! Pro tip: don't get food dye on your hands while you're wearing peel off base under your nails! 

For my negative space nails I went with some simple colour blocking. This is the kind of look you'd likely catch me with in meatspace - freehand angles and shimmery cremes make for great effortless nail art.

Of course having used Scofflaw Rain Dogs I had to show the cute little image on the bottom, so excuse the strange pose! I also used Glittering Elements Enchanted Treasure, a creamy grey holo with some golden shimmer. 

I love the contrast between the soft grey and rich eggplant, and the negative space brings a bit of elegance to the bold angles. I really couldn't believe how much I loved incorporating a negative space element and am probably going to end up addicted!

Now for the fun part - checking out all the other fabulous negative space nail art from the other amazing ladies! I'm in some very talented company and I can't wait to see what everyone came up with!

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