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31DC2015 - Water Marble

Ahh water marbling, the mortal enemy of many nail art lovers!

I spent countless hours over the years trying to get an acceptable water marble before discovering the real secrets thanks to this brilliant post over at More Nail Polish! It is honestly the most helpful post I've ever read on water marbling, you should really check it out.

Not counting the white base, I used three polishes from Mckfresh Nail Attire - the marble is Azure Mist and Carrot Sticks, and the glitter is Tiger's Roaming Eye. The cremes marbled really well and I love the blue and orange together too!

Though not perfect, I'm unbelievably happy with how these turned out. Each finger was a success on the first attempt - I only messed things up later. I used liquid latex to create some blocks for the glitter and when peeling it off I got some bald patches, but I mostly covered them with more glitter!

Tomorrow the final phase begins! I'm gonna make it! I'm gonna make it!

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