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31DC2015 - Violet - Freehand V's

Day 6, I'm on a roll!

I feel like I haven't done freehand linework for way too long. I'm super pleased with how my little V designs turned out!

31DC2015 - Violet - Freehand V design

The design was inspired by a pattern/print I found on Pinterest by Tracie Andrews - she has a whole range of awesome designs on Society6 if interesting prints are your kinda thing.

I used the pretty Glowing Posies from Mckfresh Nail Attire which is an easy two coater, then added the detail with Pretty Serious Presence. I finished it off with my usual top coat, Peita's Polish Quick, Gloss Me Up!

31DC2015 - Violet - Freehand V design

31DC2015 - Violet - Freehand V design

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