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31DC2015 - Rainbow - Messy triangles

Uh-oh, this is the last of my prepared manis!

Actually, yesterday was the last - this one I've just finished doing and am hastily posting because my bed is calling to me.

I had a hell of a time trying to come up with something interesting - I feel like I've done some version of 'seven colours striped down each nail' rainbow nails to death. After a whole evening of fussing around I'm actually OK with this scrappy little gradient. I like it's imperfection.

I started with a base of Pretty Serious Presence (yes, I'm addicted) and grabbed out my Powder Perfect Stained Glass Collection. I used five of the colours - Medieval (red), Illuminate (yellow), Tracery (green), Cerulean (blue) and Charlemagne (purple). The colours blend so well that doing a gradient with them is totally effortless.

I sponged the gradient over some triangle stencil vinyls from Lou it Yourself - my nails are small enough that one stencil could be cut in half and used over two nails. I like how some spots look like Trivial Pursuit wheels!

I wasn't loving how plain it looked over white so I outlined the triangles in black using Pretty Serious Absence and I think it pulled it all together nicely. 

Now I better get outta here and rest well, so much more nail art to do!

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