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31DC2015 - Polka Dots

Phase 1 complete! Today we move on to the 'Styles' prompts.

My polka dots aren't terribly exciting. I had grand ideas to do super delicate pin point dots and add some coloured accents but my dotting skills... they aren't so great. 

31DC2015 Polka Dots

I started with the beautiful teal creme base of Lost Family Portrait from Powder Perfect and gave it a quick top coat.

Once it was touch dry I used the pointy end of an orange wood stick (a toothpick would work) to create slight dents where I wanted the centre line of dots to go. This isn't necessary but it helps align all the dots, which I usually completely fail at.

I dotted with Pretty Serious Presence, top coated to smooth things out, then finished up with Hit the Bottle Satin Finish*. 

31DC2015 Polka Dots

31DC2015 Polka Dots

I later remembered my intention to add some coral accent dots, and I'm so bummed I forgot to add them! It would have given this the little extra something it needs.

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