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31DC2015 - Metallic - Holy Shapes

I managed to restrain myself from making this 31DHSC2015 (31 Day Holy Shapes Challenge), but you know they had to make an appearance sooner or later!

I went through a bunch of ideas all based around using some stamping polish from Hit the Bottle, as all the shades I have so far have a slightly metallic finish, and ended up with something way more colourful than I imagine a 'metallic' mani would usually look.

31DC2015 - Metallic - MoYou Holy Shapes 01

After picking I Wish I Was A Mermaid* as my stamping polish, I went for the ILNP flakies and grabbed Luna. I wanted a rosy gold to contrast the purple/pink flakies and the green Hit the Bottle and found Pretty Serious Mummy Mush in the untrieds. It ended up more champagne than I expected but I think it still worked.

I sponged Luna for full opacity on my index and pinky, and stamped with Ulta3 Black Satin. Both the images are from MoYou Holy Shapes 01, and both reminds me of metallic things in different ways - the crosshatched squares make me think of sheetmetal, and the triangles make me think of stone age arrowheads.

31DC2015 - Metallic - MoYou Holy Shapes 01

31DC2015 - Metallic - MoYou Holy Shapes 01

What do you think? Would you call this metallic?

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