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31DC2015 - Inspired by the Supernatural - Boo!

I could not come up with an original idea for this prompt so I went a bit left field. Well, left field in relation to the prompt anyway.

Despite my fondness for horror movies and the like, I'm really not fussed with either 'the supernatural' as a concept or the TV show Supernatural. Super Mario Bros though? Very fussed about that.

This is Boo. Boo likes to sneak up on Mario when he's not looking, but turn around and hide if Mario looks his direction.

A defining characteristic of these particular Boos is that they are easily distorted by direct light, and scare their creator into forgetting to try some matte top coat for better photos. But hopefully you get the idea. I might do these again one day because they fill me with sheer nostalgic joy.

Here's what I used -

Celestial Cosmetics Cherika
Shades of Phoenix J15-X (sample shade) - sponged over Cherika for a spooooky base
Pretty Serious Presence
Pretty Serious Absence
Kester Black Ruby Tuesday

Woop woop, we're almost home!

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