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31DC2015 - Inspired by a Flag

I thought I'd be a little less literal today and actually just go with 'inspiration' rather than 'recreation' which is my downfall when it gets to this part of the challenge.

So I took my inspiration from the proposed International Flag of Planet Earth and did a simple spotted blue and white look as a bit of a breather between yesterday's epicness and tomorrow, which I'm really excited about!

This is such a strange prompt, right? I guess there are a lot of flags in the world and it always seems to get the creativity going, but I can't say I'd have ever sat down and thought "you know what, I think flags are the next big thing in nail art, it needs a prompt".

OK now I've got that off my chest, the big reveal of polishes used... we have Celestial Cosmetics Monocerous and Pretty Serious Presence. Add a bit of polish thinner and acetone, splodge with a q-tip, et voila!

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