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31DC2015 - Inspired by Fashion - Burberry

Fashion. Lol.

I don't get fashion. One month it's all about pants that look like pyjama pants, 6 months later everyone walks out of the house looking like they took a giant poop on their way out the door. Double denim is alternately the biggest crime against fashion and the hottest new trend. I'm not buying any of it. Fashion can just go right ahead and get off my lawn.

Anyway, I may not like fashion and seasonal trend BS, but I do love me a good pattern. The classic, always-copied Burberry style is one I've always liked - since long before I even knew Burberry the brand was a thing.

I started with a base of Miss Ashleigh The Devil Wears Nada (seems like a fashion appropriate name) and stamped from MoYou Hipster 05 with Ulta3 Black Satin. I think filled in the extra details with Pretty Serious Presence and Powder Perfect With My High Heels On.

I didn't realise until I stamped my pinky how large the image was compared to my nails! It's kind of distracting but I think the idea still comes across.

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