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31DC2015 - Inspired by a Colour - Green Man

Are there any other It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans out there? I love TV shows about terrible people being awful to each other in hilarious ways so naturally I was hooked from the start... which was what, 8 years ago? And it's still going!

Sheesh, digress much? I know today's prompt is meant to be inspired by a colour, but when I have a colour called Green Man, from a collection of Always Sunny polishes, you KNOW I'm gonna run with that.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, here's a snippet of Green Man in action.

Back to the nail art - Green Man was a collaboration shade by Happy Revolution, aka Happy Hands and Polish Revolution. It's a bright slime green glitter - it's quite sheer, but I'd say zentai suit sheer is sticking pretty close to the theme. I layered it over Barry M Key Lime Pie on my index and middle finger, and did 3 coats alone on my pinky. I much prefer it layered. I had some epic shrinkage from my top coat with this polish which gave me the sads, but my top coat is starting to get gluggy so it could be that.

My accent nail is Green Man (China Glaze Kiwi Cool-Ada) dancing in front of the McPoyle's camper van (Miss Ashleigh The Devil Wears Nada, Sea Siren Cosmetics Sea Dayze and Barry M Grey). I was too scared to royally mess up the freehand stuff so I made a decal of Green Man and applied it after finishing the rest of the mani.

We've officially entered the phase of the challenge where my talent doesn't reach my inspiration, but I'm determined to work on my freehand skills! I'm actually impressed that the figure I painted kind of looks like a person dancing and not just a stick figure drawn by a 3 year old. Uh... woohoo, I guess!

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