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31DC2015 - Inspired by Artwork - David Lynch

Uhhh you guys, I think this is my favourite thing I've ever done!! I am OBSESSED with these nails!

Maybe it's partly because less than 48 hours ago I had hit a complete wall for this challenge. I was behind, had no inspiration, basically wanting to punch the fashion prompt in the face and was actively dreading the final run.

But now I'm on a total high, because look!

They are inspired by an untitled installation by David Lynch (yes, the filmmaker) that I was actually lucky enough to see - and walk through - in person earlier this year as part of the Between Two Worlds exhibit at Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art. The whole exhibition was amazing, and was an incredible insight into the mind of a prolific modern day creative genius.

Image via thecitizen.org.au

The installation is amazing to walk through. There's a sense of texture in the painted walls, and it feels like you've been transported to some kind of parallel cartoon world. Its childlike but also unsettling. 

You can't stand on the rugs or touch anything but you can walk through all of the rooms - but don't dare try and go  back in once you even set one foot out lest the cranky security guard tell you off like you're a naughty little 5 year old.

Anyways, I chose to recreate elements from the lounge area - a rug, the walls, the floor and ceiling. 

The polishes I used were...

Index: Pretty Serious Absence and Presence
Middle: Celestial Cosmetics Monocerous, Pretty Serious Absence, Honey Puff and Presence (under Honey Puff)
Ring: Pretty Serious Honey Puff and Absence, Powder Perfect Cerulean
Pinky:  Essie Dressed to Kilt, Pretty Serious Absence

Looking at this makes me sad I no longer have it on, but SO happy it turned out even better than I'd imagined! Any Lynch fans out there?

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