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31DC2015 - Geometric - Triangles, of course!

Yes! It's geometric day! Every day should be geometric day!

Unsurprisingly, I did some triangles. I love triangles the way most people have a favourite colour. They are my default setting.

I started with a gorgeous clean slate - ILNP Long Walks. I adore a mushroomy/taupe kind of neutral, and the gold flecks are utterly stunning.

But it didn't stay neutral for long...

ILNP - Long Walks

Triangle time! I used triangle vinyls from Lou it Yourself to block off some space, then brushed a coat of Glittering Elements Sailor Mercury over the top. I added some extra triangle glitters and charms because it needed more triangles.

I'm so looking forward to going through the Inlinkz today!

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