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31DC2015 - Delicate

Delicate schmelicate. My most dreaded prompt. Delicate I am not.

As a decidedly non-delicate person, I still thought it would be a great idea to freehand a design rather than use a stamping plate, because ... facepalm.

I was going for soft plant tendrils curling their way down my nail. Not exactly obvious, huh. Sometimes it's good to challenge yourself - you learn things by trying, right?! Other times - like when you're doing different nail art every day for a month - it's best to just do what you know.

I think I'm mostly cranky at my attempt because it's ruined the beautiful Sweet Nothings from Powder Perfect. My obstinate nature doesn't help either - I'm sure acrylic paint would have made this 10 times better looking, but I'm so set in my ways with using all polish. One day I'll branch out!

I am SO glad tomorrow is GEOMETRIC DAY! The angular and bold shall inherit the Earth!

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