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31DC2015 - Animal Print - Giraffe Blobbicure

You guys, I'm so excited about today's nails!

Last year I reeeeeally wanted to do a giraffe blobbicure for the Animal Print prompt, and I spent hours trying to make it work with the limited decent yellow and browns I had at the time. It didn't. I ended up doing a pretty cute turtle blobbicure instead, but it wasn't the same.

Today, I nailed the giraffe print on my first attempt!

I started with Essence Have Fun, which is a really great yellow creme. The blobs are China Glaze Street Chic, one of the loveliest chocolate brown cremes a chocolate loving nail polish addict could hope for.

I didn't apply top coat because... brain fail? I didn't even realise until I went to remove the first nail, but I think it looks OK anyway. I'd probably have smeared it with top coat, I have no patience for blobbicure dry time!

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