/**/ September 2015 - Procrastinating Polishr

31DC2015 - Inspired by the Supernatural - Boo!

I could not come up with an original idea for this prompt so I went a bit left field. Well, left field in relation to the prompt anyway.

Despite my fondness for horror movies and the like, I'm really not fussed with either 'the supernatural' as a concept or the TV show Supernatural. Super Mario Bros though? Very fussed about that.

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Flag

I thought I'd be a little less literal today and actually just go with 'inspiration' rather than 'recreation' which is my downfall when it gets to this part of the challenge.

So I took my inspiration from the proposed International Flag of Planet Earth and did a simple spotted blue and white look as a bit of a breather between yesterday's epicness and tomorrow, which I'm really excited about!

31DC2015 - Inspired by Artwork - David Lynch

Uhhh you guys, I think this is my favourite thing I've ever done!! I am OBSESSED with these nails!

Maybe it's partly because less than 48 hours ago I had hit a complete wall for this challenge. I was behind, had no inspiration, basically wanting to punch the fashion prompt in the face and was actively dreading the final run.

But now I'm on a total high, because look!

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Pattern

Finally I have some nails I'm excited about showing you! 

I think this is my favourite 'Inspired by' prompt - it had me spending hours on Pinterest and I've ended up with dozens of new ideas and bits of inspiration for more nail art, so yay!

31DC2015 - Inspired by Fashion - Burberry

Fashion. Lol.

I don't get fashion. One month it's all about pants that look like pyjama pants, 6 months later everyone walks out of the house looking like they took a giant poop on their way out the door. Double denim is alternately the biggest crime against fashion and the hottest new trend. I'm not buying any of it. Fashion can just go right ahead and get off my lawn.

Anyway, I may not like fashion and seasonal trend BS, but I do love me a good pattern. The classic, always-copied Burberry style is one I've always liked - since long before I even knew Burberry the brand was a thing.

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Book - Shades of Grey

Before you think I read trashy Twilight fan fiction let me cut you off right there with a big ol' NOPE.

This hot mess of a mani is inspired by Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey, a witty speculative fiction novel about a society where social class is determined by the ability to perceive colour.

Negative Space All The Nails!

Hi lovelies!

I know I'm already in the middle of 31 days of nail art, but why on earth would I let that get in the way of doing another linkup with the lovely ladies of Paint All The Nails? This is my second time joining the fun and this month's theme (as you may have guessed) is negative space!

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Movie - Cabin in the Woods

Today I continue my commitment to 'practice over perfection' with some more freehanding and my first foray into acrylic paints!

So my movie inspired nails are four items found in the cellar of The Cabin in the Woods. If you haven't seen it... well this post likely won't make much sense, sorrynotsorry. 

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Song - Cream on Chrome

Uh oh, late post! Not even because I'm behind in doing my nails, but because I forgot to schedule this one!

Cream on Chrome isn't combination I'd have considered trying without a specific reason, but It turned out kinda cool huh?

31DC2015 - Inspired by a Colour - Green Man

Are there any other It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans out there? I love TV shows about terrible people being awful to each other in hilarious ways so naturally I was hooked from the start... which was what, 8 years ago? And it's still going!

Sheesh, digress much? I know today's prompt is meant to be inspired by a colour, but when I have a colour called Green Man, from a collection of Always Sunny polishes, you KNOW I'm gonna run with that.

31DC2015 - Water Marble

Ahh water marbling, the mortal enemy of many nail art lovers!

I spent countless hours over the years trying to get an acceptable water marble before discovering the real secrets thanks to this brilliant post over at More Nail Polish! It is honestly the most helpful post I've ever read on water marbling, you should really check it out.

31DC2015 - Galaxies

I've had the idea for a green galaxy floating around in my brain for a while now and I'm so excited with how it turned out!

Galaxy nails are always fun to do - they're fairly easy but look amazingly detailed and inevitably draw lots of questions of "where do you get your nails done?".

31DC2015 - Half Moons

After a wasted hour on some total fail half moons, I've ended up loving my second attempt more than the idea of the first ones anyway!

These are inspired by Lucie from Lucy's Stash - she's done a lot of beautiful intricate half moons, and while mine aren't a patch on her talent I think they look pretty great regardless!

31DC2015 - Glitter

I was kind of at a loss when trying to come up with ideas for my glitter nails for today.

I immediately ruled out glitter placement because, as a wise woman once said - "ain't nobody got time fo' dat". So I kept it simple with a sublime micro glitter and jazzed it up with... more glitter!

31DC2015 - Geometric - Triangles, of course!

Yes! It's geometric day! Every day should be geometric day!

Unsurprisingly, I did some triangles. I love triangles the way most people have a favourite colour. They are my default setting.

31DC2015 - Delicate

Delicate schmelicate. My most dreaded prompt. Delicate I am not.

As a decidedly non-delicate person, I still thought it would be a great idea to freehand a design rather than use a stamping plate, because ... facepalm.

31DC2015 - Floral - Splash Flowers

Day 14, two weeks deep - almost halfway! Can you feel the acetone haze yet fellow challengers?

Today's floral nails are inspired by The Lacquerologist and her signature splash florals, which are the perfect way to wear florals when you're not really a flowery kinda person. They're very graphic and abstract which is much more my kinda thing!

31DC2015 - Animal Print - Giraffe Blobbicure

You guys, I'm so excited about today's nails!

Last year I reeeeeally wanted to do a giraffe blobbicure for the Animal Print prompt, and I spent hours trying to make it work with the limited decent yellow and browns I had at the time. It didn't. I ended up doing a pretty cute turtle blobbicure instead, but it wasn't the same.

Today, I nailed the giraffe print on my first attempt!

31DC2015 - Stripes

Yay, stripes! Hopefully I redeem myself of the bland as heck polka dots from yesterday.

31DC2015 - Polka Dots

Phase 1 complete! Today we move on to the 'Styles' prompts.

My polka dots aren't terribly exciting. I had grand ideas to do super delicate pin point dots and add some coloured accents but my dotting skills... they aren't so great. 

31DC2015 Polka Dots

31DC2015 - Gradient - Stamped Scales

Turns out I'm some kind of masochist, doubling down on the gradients without realising!

Today's was a little easier in that it didn't require careful sponging, but it also relied on me stamping a bit more competently than usual. I think it worked though...

31DC2015 - Rainbow - Messy triangles

Uh-oh, this is the last of my prepared manis!

Actually, yesterday was the last - this one I've just finished doing and am hastily posting because my bed is calling to me.

I had a hell of a time trying to come up with something interesting - I feel like I've done some version of 'seven colours striped down each nail' rainbow nails to death. After a whole evening of fussing around I'm actually OK with this scrappy little gradient. I like it's imperfection.

31DC2015 - Metallic - Holy Shapes

I managed to restrain myself from making this 31DHSC2015 (31 Day Holy Shapes Challenge), but you know they had to make an appearance sooner or later!

I went through a bunch of ideas all based around using some stamping polish from Hit the Bottle, as all the shades I have so far have a slightly metallic finish, and ended up with something way more colourful than I imagine a 'metallic' mani would usually look.

31DC2015 - Metallic - MoYou Holy Shapes 01

31DC2015 - Black & White - Graphic Motif

Day 7 - that's a whole week completed!

I had plans to use some black foil over a white base but the foil was utter garbage, so I ended up doodling lines and shapes on my notepad until I got something I liked enough to commit to my nails.

31DC2015 Black & White - Graphic Nail Art

31DC2015 - Violet - Freehand V's

Day 6, I'm on a roll!

I feel like I haven't done freehand linework for way too long. I'm super pleased with how my little V designs turned out!

31DC2015 - Violet - Freehand V design

Stamping Saturday: Anti Gravity

Hi lovelies!

Would you even believe this isn't a scheduled post - I just felt like doing Stamping Saturdays this week despite being in the middle of the 31 Day Challenge? I didn't even incorporate it into the challenge, which a smart person might have done. At this rate I'm gonna be down with carpal tunnel by the end of the month!

PUEEN13 | Arcane Lacquer - Anti Gravity | Hit The Bottle - The Drunken Elf

31DC2015 - Blue - Milv Water Decals

Day 5 and I think I'm over my self-doubt episode from yesterday.

I love today's nails pretty hard!

31DC2015 - Blue - Milv Water Decals | Pretty Serious - Presence

31DC2015 - Green - Drag marble wreath

Day 4, and already I wonder if the wheels are falling off. I liked this on my nails but looking at it now I'm... ugh.

I wanted to like this! It's green, the best of them all! But alas, I am not perfect. I think I need to perfect this one by Xmas though for some cool wreath nail art though.

31DC2015 - Green - Drag marble wreath | Pretty Serious - Boy Leg Briefs and Unmentionables

31DC2015 - Yellow Swirls

Day 3 of the challenge is yellow, one of my favourite polish colours!

The yellow of choice today is Glam Polish Tweety Pie, from the June 2014 What's In-die Box. It's a sensational yellow that I'll be heartbroken over when I run out.

31DC2015 - Yellow - Swirls | Glam Polish - Tweety Pie

31DC2015 - Orange - Side Ruffian

Day 2 gives us the Orange prompt, and it gave me the perfect excuse to whip out an untried from the drawer.

I thought I'd dial down the drama of yesterday's nails so grabbed piCture pOlish Gelato - a gorgeous peachy pastel creme that only needed two coats. 

Picture Polish - Gelato | Ruffian nail art

Swatches & Review: Shades of Phoenix - New Fires and Phoenix 3.0

Hi lovelies!

A few months back Teneil from Shades of Phoenix added some polishes to the Fire Collection (previously reviewed here) and sent them to me to review along with a cute glitter topper, but I wasn't quick enough to get my swatches in before she closed for maternity leave. Now the store is open again I thought I'd jump on the opportunity to share my swatches!

31DC2015 - Red - French Tips

Via chalkboardnails.com

Believe it pals! I'm throwing myself in the deep end again this year and doing the 31 Day Challenge this September. I did it for the first time last year and loved how much it pushed me to get creative, and I learnt a lot along the way.

I'll be posting my mani's here and on Instagram every day - there are still a few scheduled posts happening this month too but it will be overwhelmingly nail art month here at procrastinating polishr dot com! The #31DC2015 posts will be short and sweet from here on out.

Swatches & Review: Grace-full Nail Polish 'What a Girl Needs'

Hi lovelies!

I have one of the two birthday collections from polish making extraordinaire Theresa, aka Grace-full Nail Polish to show you today! The What a Girl Needs collection was inspired by 6 images Theresa selected from storyboards submitted by members of the Grace-full Nail Polish fan group on Facebook. 

Theresa says she wouldn't be here celebrating the first year of Grace-full without her customers, so this was her way to give back to 6 lucky fans who now get to see their dream polish brought to life.