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Summery nail art with Celestial Cosmetics

Hi lovelies!

Whether you're getting through the last blast of winter like me, or enjoying the last few weeks of summer (hello northern hemisphere pals!), some punchy bright nail art is always a good idea. The #WNAC2015 (that's 'Weekly Nail Art Challenge' for those playing at home) on Instagram this month is Summer themed, and last week kicked off with the colour prompts of Lemon and Cherry.

Summer spiral drag marble nail art

My obnoxiously bright contribution comes with a hearty dose of colour from this gorgeous yellow creme Sun Spots from Celestial Cosmetics.  I swatched it a couple of weeks ago and didn't share it, hence the different nail shape from the other pictures. 

I had this on my wish list from the moment it was released, and when it went on clearance recently I snapped it up before I missed my chance. I'm so glad I got my hands on it as it's a fabulous yellow that feels like an ultra bright pastel. The formula and finish is really similar to the Barry M Gelly range, which is to say, it's fantastic. It's an easy three coater too which is always nice for a yellow!

Celestial Cosmetics - Sun Spots

For my nail art I also used Tomboy No More from Essie to create some dry marbled/needle drag spirals. It was my first attempt at a spiral dry marble and I was quite happy with how it turned out. The cherry adorned lemon cocktail on my ring finger is over a base of Pretty Serious Forbidden Fruit, quickly freehanded with a basic black outline.

Summer cocktail #WNAC2015

Are you a summer or winter lover? Forced to choose between the two I'd go summer for both temperature and the bright colour palette, but at heart I'm an autumn girl! 

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