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Stamping Saturday: Swirls and rainbows

Hi lovelies!

I think I must have eaten a lot of rainbow Paddlepops when I was young. I mean, they are delicious, and I'm still known to treat myself to them as an adult, but I feel like those colours really left an impression on me.

Mmmm delicious rainbows

So I've been hanging to bust out the Powder Perfect Stained Glass collection for a water marble for weeks, and I decided today would be the day. I'm not much of a water marbler but these worked perfectly! I flubbed my ring finger a little when I was dipping it in but other than that I love the flowy mess of colour.

Also - check out that yellow! Yes this is over a white base, but that is seriously eye popping!

Okay okay, it's Stamping Saturday not Water Marble Weekend so I'll get on topic.

I wanted something bold that would still show off the base and I thought this swirly design from Pueen 13 was perfect. I stamped with my trusty Ulta3 Black Satin - I toyed with the idea of doing a colour but you can't go wrong with black.

Even for me this is a pretty out there look, I probably wouldn't wear it as a full mani unless I was going to a music festival. But it would make an awesome accent nail matched with a nice dark teal or navy blue, don't you think?

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