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My Favourite Things: July 2015

Hi lovelies!

I'm only what, a week behind with this post? I've been trying to stay away from the computer in general the last few days in an attempt to be more productive but instead I end up curled under a blanket playing with my phone. Oops!

I had A LOT of favourite things this month - you might want to settle in with your choice of beverage before reading on.

My favourite... POLISH

My love affair with Bettie Pain continues, Purrfect is the squishiest dreamiest thing I wore in July and gives my eyeballs much pleasure.

Glittering Elements created the loveliest apple green I could have hoped for in the Party Like It's 1999 mystery box. Hang Over Cure was my green of the month! 

I finally swatched the fabulous, incredible, divine Kashmir from Pretty Serious x Serenity Nails. This polish is an all-timer, there aren't enough ways I can profess my love for it!

My favourite... THINGS

L: This super dino brooch from Cut Throat Cutie - dinosaurs on anything are guaranteed to make me happy! While retrieving that link for you I spotted they're having a sale tomorrow so check them out - the prices are already super affordable for a bunch of quirky and creepy handmade accessories.

R: My new phone case! I just upgraded my phone and decided I would take care of it like a proper adult, so I bought an Adventure Time case for it off eBay here. It combines two of my favourite things - Adventure Time and The Legend of Zelda, with Finn as Link and Jake as Navi! Isn't it awesome?!

Trainwreck! Amy Schumer is the best, and Trainwreck is side splitting, cheeks hurting hilarious.

Seriously, go see it!

Shoutout to Getty Images for making it too hard to align embedded images.

Last up, Splendour in the Grass  saw me for the 11th time - though I was only there pretty briefly on Sunday night for the literal uphill battle of a weekends worth of mud. I can't believe I didn't end up like the girl in the image above in the 6 hours I was there. It was pretty awful mud.

Tame Impala started strong with Let it Happen - one of my favourite songs of the year, despite not much caring for their previous world conquering psych rock - then proceeded to play no other songs from the new album. Ehhhh. 

The reason we were there though was Blur. My husband is a huge fan, and while I love them it's more of a nostalgia for my early years of discovering good music and listening to Parklife kinda thing. They were completely excellent live, and I think I have now crossed off the last band of my list of 'Bands I Never Thought I'd See Live' (previously crossed off bands include At The Drive In, Radiohead, Weezer, Refused)

My favourite... NAIL ART

Clockwise from top: 'EFF Mondays' featuring Picture Polish Electric Dream; Tropical/Neon with China Glaze; Lego nails!; ILNP Chevrons; Sweet Treats with Powder Perfect Stained Glass collection; Nailasaurus style watercolour rainbows

If you want the info on these check them on on my Instagram :)

Elsewhere on the internet, here's some other nail art I loved this month!

Mina (aka Cubbiful) did some obnoxiously bright Warhol-esque pineapples that I adored.

Flawless Clueless inspired nails from Nails by Jema - can you believe Clueless was released twenty years ago??? 

Some gorgeous stamping from Cynthia at Of Life and Lacquer

Distressed neon & nude by Julie Does Her Nails - with one of my favourite colour combos and favourite techniques this was bound to be a favourite!

Well, that was just a snippet of my July, what a month! Just looking back at it makes me tired and happy. I guess August can officially start now!

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