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HPB Presents - Neon!

Hi lovelies!

Let's start the week bright - it's time for some neon nail art with my fellow Hobby Polish Bloggers!

HPB Presents: Neon Nail Art

I know this Northern summer has been the summer of neon, but during the Southern summer they were nowhere to be seen! So my neon collection may be small and old, but it still pulls together enough blinding colour for one good mani.

For this look I used:

Orly Tropical Pop
Miss Ashleigh And it was all Yellow
OPI Black Spotted
Illamasqua Omen

HPB Presents: Neon Nail Art

I started with a base of Tropical Pop, and did some dry brush strokes of And it was all Yellow over the top. Once that was dry I taped off the sides of my nails and brushed on a thin coat of Black Spotted, which was going great until my middle nail!

After that it was hard to see my lovely dry brush base, so I pepped it up with stripes of the phenomenal Omen. 

Neon nail art under UV light

Naturally I couldn't resist turning all the lights off and getting a UV light happening - look at that glow! Omen looks positively toxic!

Neon nail art with Orly, OPI & Illamasqua

What do you think? I know I'm definitely feeling some warmth - bring on summer!

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