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Gradient All The Nails!

Hi lovelies!

I'm really excited to share this with you today - it's my first time participating in a linkup with the lovely ladies of Paint All The Nails! If you read many other nail blogs you may have seen the ladies take on Floral last month, and I've been lucky enough to connect with the group since then which is full of some of my polish blog idols, who you may see in the linkup at the end of the post..

This month we're getting our gradient on and it's sure to be a collection of stunning nail art!

Gradient All The Nails! Green - Purple gradient nail art

It took me so long to decide on what kind of gradient I was going to do, and I ended up starting with a sponged creme gradient because it's always the one that gives me the most grief.

I started with a white base, then protected my skin with some liquid latex and got sponging with OPI Amazon... Amazoff and Ulta3 Lotsa Fun. I've been in love with purple and green colour combinations since I was a little proto-Jae and I've been pulling them out in nail art quite a bit lately.

Gradient All The Nails! Green - Purple gradient

While I still haven't nailed a perfectly smooth creme gradient I was really happy with how it turned out. But I was hardly going to leave it at something simple for a nail art linkup - enter the glittery reciprocal gradient!

Glittery reciprocal gradient nail art

I'll be honest - the moment I laid down the straight nail vinyls (which seemed to take hours - I don't get along with most nail vinyls) I was terrified the final product wasn't going to come out as I imagined it in my head.

It took some tweaking to get it just right - the glitters (Glittering Elements Be Awesome (purple) and Be Creative (green) lost a bit of colour due to sponging, so I brushed on some of the jelly base of each polish to maximise the colour. After adding some black stripes I was loving it!

Glittery reciprocal gradient nail art

Have you tried a reciprocal gradient before? I love how striking the look is and now that I've tried it I'm game to give it another go.

Now for more gradients from the Paint All The Nails ladies! Make sure you check them out - it's always interesting to see how different people interpret a broad theme PLUS they also happen to be some of the most excellent nail artists around!

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