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Femme Fatale - All Sanity is Lost vs 95% Sanity

Hi lovelies!

Wading through the uncharted territory of my drawer of untrieds recently, I stumbled across a polish from one of Femme Fatale's releases earlier this year. The name - All Sanity is Lost - stuck in my head, I couldn't put my finger on why it sounded so familiar.

Naturally, out of the drawer it came and onto my nails it went. 

Femme Fatale - All Sanity is Lost

A blue sharded beauty with teal undertones, fine holographic sparkle and pink shimmer - not only does your name sound familiar but you look just like another beauty in my collection, just richer and darker.

Fast forward to two weeks later and as I'm browsing my Femme Fatale collection, and I see it. The long lost sibling, not lost of all sanity, just a little. Enter 95% Sanity, a sample polish from the November 2014 sample sale. Behold, such beauty!

Femme Fatale - 95% Sanity (All Sanity is Lost)

A seafoam green jelly filled to the brim with ultra fine shimmering multichrome particles, lending both a tarnished copper and blue-purple finish to the polish. But it was the shards and the pink shimmery finish had me wondering - is 95% Sanity an early incarnation of All Sanity is Lost

Femme Fatale - All Sanity is Lost

Obviously the end result is two very different polishes - but it's not unreasonable to assume that prototypes for a January collection would be underway before the prior November. The name, the shard and shimmer finish - am I losing my sanity, or do you think there's something to it?

Femme Fatale - 95% Sanity (All Sanity is Lost)

Either way, I feel incredibly lucky to own 95% Sanity - it's truly breathtaking. 

Unfortunately neither of these polishes are available anymore, however Femme Fatale have been producing some incredible polishes this year - check them out at femmefatalecosmetics.com.au

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