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Review: Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate

Hi lovelies!

A little while ago I was sent a package of fun from Born Pretty Store to review - so far I've shown you their great water decals and a strange but brilliant stamping plate. Today we'll get to see how one of the newer style Born Pretty Store plates fare!

I chose plate BP-L016* (product ID#19371) because I love damask and fleur-de-lis style patterns and don't have any plates like this so far.

Image via bornprettystore.com

Stamping Saturday: More matte flakies!

Hi lovelies!

A little while back I did some stamping over the amazing Cold Fusion from ILNP and it was kind of glorious. I've been dying to try it again, and being laid up sick this weekend I figured it would be an easy but awesome stamped mani for this week's linkup.

Gradient All The Nails!

Hi lovelies!

I'm really excited to share this with you today - it's my first time participating in a linkup with the lovely ladies of Paint All The Nails! If you read many other nail blogs you may have seen the ladies take on Floral last month, and I've been lucky enough to connect with the group since then which is full of some of my polish blog idols, who you may see in the linkup at the end of the post..

This month we're getting our gradient on and it's sure to be a collection of stunning nail art!

Gradient All The Nails! Green - Purple gradient nail art

HPB Presents - Neon!

Hi lovelies!

Let's start the week bright - it's time for some neon nail art with my fellow Hobby Polish Bloggers!

HPB Presents: Neon Nail Art

Stamping Saturday: Swirls and rainbows

Hi lovelies!

I think I must have eaten a lot of rainbow Paddlepops when I was young. I mean, they are delicious, and I'm still known to treat myself to them as an adult, but I feel like those colours really left an impression on me.

Mmmm delicious rainbows

Swatched: ILNP 1UP

Hi lovelies!

It's been a quiet week on the blogging front as I've been busy rearranging my stash/nail room after the addition of my beautiful new display rack, but I've got this quick swatch to round off the week.

So green! This polish gives me life! 

ILNP - 1UP | Green Ultra holo 

Striped Nail Art with Pretty Serious 'Blood of Knossos'

Hi lovelies!

It's Friday and I'm in a fabulous mood! Starting the weekend off right with this sensational green from Pretty Serious was the absolute correct choice.

Pretty Serious - Blood of Knossos

The A - Z of Untried: Lilypads and Leaves

Hi lovelies!

This post has been sitting in my back pocket for a couple weeks solely because I'd been too lazy to edit the pictures. Today was a public holiday, which meant it was either stay in and clean the house or stay in and edit all my photos (I'd already decided it would be a pyjama day), and I somehow managed to do a little of both!

I hope you're ready, because this instalment has some serious beauties!

Summery nail art with Celestial Cosmetics

Hi lovelies!

Whether you're getting through the last blast of winter like me, or enjoying the last few weeks of summer (hello northern hemisphere pals!), some punchy bright nail art is always a good idea. The #WNAC2015 (that's 'Weekly Nail Art Challenge' for those playing at home) on Instagram this month is Summer themed, and last week kicked off with the colour prompts of Lemon and Cherry.

Summer spiral drag marble nail art

Stamping Saturdays: Triangles are my favourite shape

Hi lovelies!

I know it's probably not even Saturday anywhere anymore, but it's still the weekend so that counts, right? Good, because I'm stamping anyway!

Stamped triangles MoYou Holy Shapes 01

My Favourite Things: July 2015

Hi lovelies!

I'm only what, a week behind with this post? I've been trying to stay away from the computer in general the last few days in an attempt to be more productive but instead I end up curled under a blanket playing with my phone. Oops!

I had A LOT of favourite things this month - you might want to settle in with your choice of beverage before reading on.

Femme Fatale - All Sanity is Lost vs 95% Sanity

Hi lovelies!

Wading through the uncharted territory of my drawer of untrieds recently, I stumbled across a polish from one of Femme Fatale's releases earlier this year. The name - All Sanity is Lost - stuck in my head, I couldn't put my finger on why it sounded so familiar.

Naturally, out of the drawer it came and onto my nails it went. 

Femme Fatale - All Sanity is Lost

Stamping Saturdays: Holy Shapes!

Hi lovelies!

I had some of the MoYou Holy Shapes stamping plates arrive in the mail on Thursday so I knew I'd be busting them out for today's post! 

MoYou Holy Shapes 01 | Gloss n Sparkle - Duma Key

Negative space gradient nail art

Hi lovelies!

I realised this week that I tend to put all my nail art on Instagram, and don't really to show off the things I put the most effort into here on the blog. So today begins my conscious effort to share my favourite nail art in more than one tiny phone screen sized image!