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Nail art with Emily de Molly and Grace-full

Hi lovelies!

As a kind of side quest to my A to Z of Untrieds, I'm also trying to pick an untried to use when I'm doing some nail art. This lead me to a random selection of this gorgeous micro glitter from Emily de Molly which I couldn't stop myself from swatching. I was all "hey I'll just use this in a skittle" and the polish was all "no, swatch me, I'm so glorious!"


Emily de Molly - I Forbid It!

That wasn't me exclaiming something, it's the name of the polish. This was part of the Anchorman 2 collection that came out last year, and sadly isn't available anymore.

So for my nail art I also used:

Grace-full Eye Poppin', a delicious dark eggplant purple
Petal Polish Autumn Leaves, a fantastic coppery orange
LilyAnna LA06, easily one of my most used stamping plates

Swirl nail art - Emily de Molly, Gracefull, LilyAnna LA06

My swatch is two regular coats topped with Pretty Serious Aqua Coat. All that sparkle makes me wanna go all Doge - much glitter, very shine!

Emily de Molly - I Forbid It!

Finishing on something of a tangent - I love so much how the Emily de Molly store is laid out! New releases first, then in order of colour. It just makes me happy every time I visit for a browse :)

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