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My favourite things: June 2015

Hi lovelies!

I have a serious case of the gimmies right now. One month into winter and I'm totally embracing all the lovely warm colours Aussie brands are bringing out, then on the other side of the world some incredible brights are grabbing my attention and I just want everything! There could be some inspiration in there - dark muted tones paired with something ultra bright? Maybe I'll do that this month!

But first, let's look back at all the excellence June brought!

My favourite... POLISH

The eternal peace bringing Gilded Greenwich from Pahlish gave me all kinds of lovely feelings, and at the very least has me craving ALL the Pahlish. Finally I got to experience why it's such a popular brand, and fortunately I have a few more in the drawer of mysteries to play with.

I showed you the newest collection from Shades of Phoenix in June and Underland* was one of the standouts. A glorious black jelly with a beautiful deep dark reddened brown finish, with a luscious formula to boot.

I also got to show off the Winter Essentials collection from Two Birds Lacquer and every day since then I fell a little bit more in love with Late Night Milo, a gorgeous milky crelly packed with a range of brown glitters that radiate warm snuggly vibes.

My favourite... THINGS

Believe it pals, I like things that aren't polish! One of the highlights of June for me was spending a whole weekend home alone, camped in my lounge room making a couch fort and binge watching Season 3 of Orange is the New Black.

I loved that we really got into the backstories of characters like Poussey and Norma, but I feel like I spent half the season waiting for Sophia to show up (outside of a brief salon appearance here and there).  It's gonna be a long wait for season 4 :(

Another June highlight - my birthday present from my sister turned up in the mail and it was AH-MAZING! It's from Thread Honey who does some pretty fantastic embroidery, she's closed for the moment but check out her Instagram.

Oh boy, this month I fell in love with Sex Criminals. No, not like that. It's just a love story really. A love story about two people who both happen to have the ability to stop time when they have sex. It's funny, it's sweet, it's sexy and it has me totally charmed.

Finally, in non-polish related loves of June... JURASSIC WORLD, BABY! Having a husband who moonlights as a film critic has certain perks, one of those perks was getting to see this at the Queensland premiere screening then raving about it for the next days/weeks until everyone else had seen it.

It's all my childhood dreams come true. To be honest, even if it had sucked I probably would have loved it because DINOSAURS, but it was genuinely super entertaining and full of big winks and nods to the original Jurassic Park. 

My favourite... NAIL ART

So excited that I completed two whole sets of challenges on Instagram this month! The butterflies and frogs were done for the #bomnailartjune prompt which was all about animals. If you want the info on these check them on on my Instagram :)

The middle set was for the #clairestelle8june prompt 'red', which immediately made me think of the recurring line in Shaun of the Dead - "you've got red on you". It's initially spoken referring to leaking red ink on Shaun's shirt, then later on to splattered zombie blood. Definitely my favourite mani of the month!

Elsewhere on the internet, I adored Sarah's perfect black and white Fashion Week inspired nails over at Chalkboard Nails. So crisp and clean!

Lindsey from Wondrously Polished is one of the only nail artists whose florals I regularly love, and this cute set featuring Cirque's amazing chartreuse creme Hustle is a great bold monochrome look.

Finally, I really loved what Brodie did with a bunch of Sayuri polish, setting herself a challenge to create some nail art looks using all the polishes she received in a grab bag. If only I was ever so organised to use my polish as soon as it arrived!

That's all for June, which it seems was a legitimately excellent month! What rocked your socks in June?

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