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The A to Z of Untried: All About I

Hi lovelies!

It's been a little bit between untried posts but we're back, baby! Happy to report I currently have enough room in the drawer to fit at least 20 polishes, so here's to progress!

DOCTOR LACQUER I'm Lavender Rain

I wanted this polish for so long. I love white crellies with multi coloured glitter, and I love dot glitters - how could it be anything but perfect for me?

Well... it was kind of a disaster. Before I get into my disappointment I should point out I bought this in a destash so I don't know whether the polish was thinned or stored poorly leading to formula issues.

But by the time I tried it, the formula was as streaky as my hair in 1998, and it balded terribly. It seems simultaneously too thin and too thick, leaving a bumpy finish from the glitter load. I love the idea of this polish so much, and I really wanted it to look as beautiful as I'd hoped but it was an all out fail. I might try it over a white base one day. #nevergiveup

GLITTERING ELEMENTS In My Restless Dreams, I See That Town

GLITTERING ELEMENTS In My Restless Dreams, I See That Town

Now this is more like it! I was very late to join the Glittering Elements bandwagon but I've slowly been discovering how incredible Casey's polishes are. I absolutely haven't captured the magic of this beautiful purple in my photos. There are gorgeous blue micro flakes scattered through the polish that bring this one to life.

I could have stopped at two coats but I did a third for extra oomph and it was well worth it. This currently isn't in stock, but it could make an appearance again - I picked up some older shades in the last restock so there may be hope! You'll find Glittering Elements on Etsy.

GLITTERING ELEMENTS In My Restless Dreams, I See That Town



Finally, we have something a little more high end than you usually see me wearing! I grabbed this on sale for $9 in the post Xmas sales and while I'm glad I own it I'm also glad I didn't pay full price (~$22) for it. It's a really lovely subtly blue toned grey (not green toned as my picture below shows, I don't know what happened there) with pale glassy flakes.

It's sheer, which is expected for a pale grey jelly but built up to full opacity in four coats. The flakes beautifully complement the squishy jelly finish. While I can't fault the formula and finish I think the quality of similar indies I have in my stash is comparable, so the high price point doesn't seem justified.

That's it for this round! Unbelievably I have to skip the letter J - not a single brand or shade in my untrieds fits, so I'll see you next time for the letter K.

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