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The A to Z of Untried: G is for Glitter

Hi lovelies!

Time for another instalment, can you even believe I'm sticking with this? I'm reaching a point of emptying the drawer of untrieds at the same rate I'm filling it. I could not fit a single new polish in there right now so I'm really conscious of being a stash swatching machine. The lust for new polish is a good motivation to keep swatching!

So, what does the letter G bring? A buttload a glitter is what!


Gloss n Sparkle - The Huntress

This luscious green glitter jelly from Gloss n Sparkle has been around for a while now but I was late to the party for some reason. The base is deep dark green with predominantly purple, turquoise, lime, and gold. While most of the glitters are metallic, some appear iridescent and flash brightly in different lighting. 

Gloss n Sparkle - The Huntress

While there was a little pullback at the free edge after I applied top coat, I didn't have any other issues with the formula. It was smooth and easy to apply in 3 regular coats. I used my standard top coat (Peita's Polish Quick, Gloss Me Up!) for a smooth finish. 

Outline/border nail art Gloss n Sparkle - The Huntress

I added a black outline and silver accent with Mckfresh Silver Pearl Sand just for fun, I liked the silver thrown in the mix to brighten things up. 

The Huntress is still available via glossnsparkle.net - I love that Gloss n Sparkle tend to keep their polishes around for a while, it means I don't miss gorgeous things like The Huntress!

GRACE-FULL NAIL POLISH Gandalf's Fireworks

Grace-full Nail Polish - Gandalf's Fireworks

I was so excited to try this polish - if you've seen other swatches you'll know why. Sadly, Gandalf's Fireworks was not particularly interested in getting along with me. It's been a while since I've had to apply a real glitterbomb like this that needs careful application and I just failed miserably. Even after 3 dabbed kind of coats the base was sheer, and I struggled to get the glitter to spread.

This is completely at odds with every other Grace-full I've used (including the glitterbombs) and I put it down to a heavy load of stacked circle glitters. Circle glitters like to stick together and I had to pick several apart, meaning the bottle was open for longer than necessary and things started thickening up quickly.

I'm not going to let it defeat me, I'll be giving it a second chance for sure. Gandalf's Fireworks is still available from gracefullnailpolish.com

Grace-full Nail Polish - Gandalf's Fireworks

PAHLISH Gilded Greenwich

Pahlish - Gilded Greenwich

UNF. This polish is pure perfection. I didn't know I wanted a grey creme with gold flakes and shimmer but I am totally living for this polish. I love the brown and olive tones the gold flakes throw on the grey base. I love the perfect balance of creme and flakes. I love the silky finish. I love everything about this polish!

Pahlish - Gilded Greenwich

From memory this is 3 thin coats and top coat. The formula is gorgeous, it glides on the nail smoothly and evenly, self levels effortlessly and brings you eternal peace. OK don't hold me to that last part but I'm just saying it might.

I don't believe this is available anymore but if you find someone destashing it, then get your paws on it pronto.

Pahlish - Gilded Greenwich

That's all for today, see you again soon! x