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Ladybird Nail Art Tutorial

Hi lovelies!

This month I'm participating in a couple of Instagram nail art challenges, and so far it's been fun! I'm doing a month of animal prompts for #bomnailartjune, run by the excellent Bab's Nails, Olivia Jade Nails and @m_a_tom. While I'm dreading the next prompt (spiders! NOOO!) I had so much fun doing a set of ladybird nails I thought I'd make a quick tutorial for them.

Ladybird Nail Art

The pictorial is (hopefully) pretty self explanatory, but first you'll need to gather your supplies!

- Red nail polish - I used China Glaze Ruby Pumps 
- Black nail polish - something nice and opaque like Ulta3 Black Satin
- White nail polish - also something opaque, Ulta3 Lily White is a good option
- Fast dry top coat - my favourite is Peita's Polish Quick, Gloss Me Up!
- Striping brush
- Dotting tool - preferably in two sizes, but you can deal with one. Bobby pins, cocktail skewers, pins will all do just as good a job!
- French tip guide/straight or curved nail vinyl

Ladybird Nail Art Tutorial
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1. After applying your favourite base coat, paint your nails until the base is opaque
2. With a striping brush, paint a thin line down the centre of your nail from the base to the free edge. Top coat your nails* and wait 5-10 minutes. * If you're comfortable doing a freehand french tip, skip the top coat and go straight to step 4
3. Once your top coat is dry, place a french tip guide across your nail as shown. Press lightly to ensure the edges are flat against the nail
4. Using your black polish, paint on the section above the tip guide one nail at a time to create a 'head'
5. Remove the tip guides quickly and gently with tweezers after painting each nail
6. Using a dotting tool (or whatever substitute you can find), dot with the black polish, mirroring each side of the centre line
7. Using a clean dotting tool, dot the white polish on the black 'head' to begin the eyes
8. Using a smaller dotting tool, dot the black polish on the white dots slightly lower than the centre

Finish off with your favourite top coat - float it on with a light hand to avoid smudges.

I'd love to see your ladybird nail art, tag me on Instagram @procrastinatingpolishr!

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