/**/ June 2015 - Procrastinating Polishr

Feather nail art with Born Pretty Store water decals

Hi lovelies!

I was recently contacted by Born Pretty Store to see if I would like to review any of their new nail art products, so today is the first of few posts featuring what they sent me. Yay nail art!

Today I'm featuring these pretty Feather Nail Art Water Decals (#20609), which you can grab for US$2.99 (currently on sale for US$0.99!) with free shipping and you can get 10% off using the code TGBQ10.

Swatches & Review - Two Birds Lacquer 'Winter Essentials'

Hi lovelies!

Confession: I once hated winter. I couldn't think of anything worse than the cold and the wearing thirty layers of clothing and the horrid things the cold dry air does to my skin. 

But... I'm coming around. I appreciate the snuggly nights in. I can drink ALL THE TEA! Then these four bottles of wintery happiness from Two Birds Lacquer come along and make me warm to winter even more. Grab your coziest blanket and settle in for some winter joy!

Check my rad photoshop skillz

Stamped leaves nail art

Hi lovelies!

Just some quickie nail art you may have seen on my Instagram recently. I've had a crappy few weeks in my work life and the wonderfully positive response I had to this cheered me right up!

Leafy stamped nail art

I did this overload of green for the #clairestelle8june Instagram challenge prompt of 'leaves'. The base is Glittering Elements I'm Also Good At Pirate Dancing, stamped with Celestial Cosmetics Leaf and leadlighted with Ulta3 Tahitian Lime. 

As usual, this is topped off with Peita's Polish Quick, Gloss Me Up! but I most definitely used the wrong top coat on that smudged up pinky though!

The A - Z of Untried - Hush!

Hi lovelies!

Back to the drawer of untrieds, acquainting myself with a reasonably new purchase and being disappointed by a yellow creme - but not for the usual reasons!

Before we jump in, you might have noticed a small change of domain. Yep, I'm joining the dot com ranks (that's a thing right? Probably not) and while I'm sticking with Blogger, the address is now a bit shorter. If you follow me on Bloglovin' there might be some minor interruptions but if you don't, uh, it's not too late to gimme some Bloglovin! Or Facebooklikin? More options in the sidebar if you want more droppin' g's and poor attempts at portmanteaus.

Swatches & Review: Shades of Phoenix 'The Places She Will Go'

Hi lovelies!

I have a gorgeous new collection from Shades of Phoenix to show you today, full of subtle sparkle and fabulous colour. The collection is inspired by the places and locations of Alice in Wonderland, something creator Teneil is a huge fan of!

Shades of Phoenix - The Places She Will Go  

Ladybird Nail Art Tutorial

Hi lovelies!

This month I'm participating in a couple of Instagram nail art challenges, and so far it's been fun! I'm doing a month of animal prompts for #bomnailartjune, run by the excellent Bab's Nails, Olivia Jade Nails and @m_a_tom. While I'm dreading the next prompt (spiders! NOOO!) I had so much fun doing a set of ladybird nails I thought I'd make a quick tutorial for them.

Ladybird Nail Art

The A to Z of Untried: G is for Glitter

Hi lovelies!

Time for another instalment, can you even believe I'm sticking with this? I'm reaching a point of emptying the drawer of untrieds at the same rate I'm filling it. I could not fit a single new polish in there right now so I'm really conscious of being a stash swatching machine. The lust for new polish is a good motivation to keep swatching!

So, what does the letter G bring? A buttload a glitter is what!